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KULALA Guide: Eco-Friendly Shopping Made as Easy as 1,2,3

Sustainability is the new cool – here's how to hop on board the bandwagon.

Being in the thick of a global pandemic has left most of us all across the world backed into our humble abodes contemplating the way we’ve been leading our lives. Eco-conscious shopping may have been trending prior to the world buckling down into a lockdown but in the last couple of months, the conversation has resurfaced with more weight. In the fashion realm, designers have stepped up their environmental efforts. Gucci has released an entirely sustainable capsule collection. Prada has pledged a commitment to only use recycled nylon by the end of next year. Hermès has introduced a capsule collection of seasonless staples. On social media, brands built with dear Gaia at its heart have become the talk about the town. A case in point: Pangaia.

The shopping habits of fashion fiends, too, are increasingly guided by eco-consciousness. Last month, Yoyo dived deep into conversation with Net-a-Porter’s Global Buying Director Elizabeth von der Goltz on an Instagram live session about building a wardrobe of essentials.

Buying less. Buying secondhand. Recycling old garments. The propositions are aplenty. Yet, every now and then, discouraging news surfaces of recycled clothes ending up at the landfills anyway. Thrift stores discarding their intake pile. H&M conscious being not much more than a marketing ploy. It can be an overwhelming and exhausting lot to navigate.

What efforts actually pay off in making the world a greener place? How then do you shop eco-friendly? It can be an overwhelming lot to navigate but to bring your intentions to fruition, we’ve put together a simple guide. Are you ticking off the items on the list?

Shop Upcycled Garments

Beyond shopping secondhand and going thrifting, keep an eye out for brands that give the old a new lease of life. Don’t know where to look? We have an entire line-up curated here for you.

Invest in Forever Pieces 

Rather than hopping onboard seasonal trends, build a wardrobe of staple wear that will wear well over the years. For starters, start a list of pieces you could see yourself hardly outgrowing. Think wardrobe basics like these.

Pay Attention to the Process of the Garment’s Make

Clothes pollute the environment in more ways than one. The process of garment-making is just as, if not, even more, detrimental to the environment. The fabric dyeing processes, for instance, washes out remnant dye into the clothing manufacturer’s surrounding water bodies. Pay attention to the details – it might take some research but brands that use natural or organic dyes as an alternative are aplenty.

Shop Sustainable Brands

As a consumer with spending power, where you’re putting your dollar matters. Rather than spend your moolah at brands with no regard for the environment, turn your attention instead to ones that are sustainable.

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