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35 Christmas Gifts For When You Just Don’t Want To Think Anymore

Presenting Team KULALA's Christmas Gift Guide For The Last Minute Shopper, painstakingly put together so YOU will be in shopping purgatory no longer.

I am what’s known as a gift goddess. How did I earn the name? Well, I GAVE IT TO MYSELF. It’s mostly due to the fact that giving half-assed gifts is something that makes me uncomfortable. Blame my Type-A personality, but is it so wrong to want someone to truly enjoy his or her unboxing experience to find the surprise underneath? I once made a ban list for a Christmas party I was overseeing. Call me draconian, but everyone ended up with pretty great gifts that night, so no harm done.

The tricky thing about gift giving is that you need to know the person you’re shopping for. Not necessarily intimately, but enough to know what piques said person’s interest, or what he or she would like or use at the moment. A little observation in the weeks leading up to Christmas helps. The other tricky thing is, when it comes to Christmas shopping, time is of the essence. If you have the luxury of browsing, that’s perfect. If you don’t, THAT IS WHAT GIFT GUIDES ARE FOR.

Presenting Team KULALA’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide! Below, we’ve rounded up gifts for five groups of giftees. There’s a gift for every budget in there, some going as low as S$15, and there’s a gift for everyone in there, even your boss, we dare say. We also deliberately chose gifts that you can either buy online – these you HAVE to order today if you want them by Christmas Day – or buy IRL if you need them pronto. Get to it! GET TO IT!


Who doesn’t love lifestyle ware? Who doesn’t like living in a beautifully decorated space? This one is for that one person you just don’t know how to shop for. Candles that both look and smell expensive are instant crowd-pleasers – and they’re typically S$45 to S$150 each. Anything marble, gold accented or millennial pink is almost foolproof, too, as are coffee table books filled with glossy visuals. Finally, consider practical gifts like desk weekly planners, trinket trays, vanity cases (Muji has the best one, we all use it at Team KULALA) or even plants!




If only all your family and friends were beauty junkies, yeah? That’ll make things that much easier. Still, anyone can appreciate a quality beauty product that works. Makeup is largely dependent on personal choice, so skincare is the safer option. In the spirit of the chilly holidays – and because hydration is the most basic of skin needs – give the gift of trés supple and dewy skin with some of our all-time AND new favourites. Check out more of our beauty recommendations here.



They’re possibly the second easiest to shop for, because frequent flying means their personal survival kits tend to run out – and that’s where you come in. It’s all about gifting them things that will keep them fresh to death on flights and at their destinations. If you need more swear-by beauty products for jet setters, click here and here. Personally, I recommend By Terry’s Baume de Rose Lip Protectant. The periphery of my lips were disturbingly rough from a recent trip to bone-chilling Seoul, but these brought it back to normal in less than two days. Great stuff. Also, that marble suitcase? Under S$200. Yeeeap.



By which, we mean Belle from Beauty & The Beast. You would think shopping for bookworms an easy task, but speaking for the bookworms, it is not always so. That is why we have best-seller lists and reviews. Below, we have everything from dystopian to fantasy to science fiction to tearjerkers that will hit you in the feels to something a little closer to real life. (You know, because Crazy Rich Asians is set partly in Singapore. Also, Asians.)



No holds barred, all stops pulled. This final edit is for the people in your life whom you think deserve to be spoiled – at least on this Christmas. Secretly find out their measurements, then add these to cart and see their faces turn into pure joy when they unbox your gift. (If your giftee is a Stranger Things fan, we found Millie Bobby Brown‘s black leather dress.) Or, you could play it safe by going for bags and accessories. Necessary announcement: that netted bucket bag that you’ve seen everywhere is under $500 and, more importantly, FINALLY AVAILABLE.

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