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KULALA Guide: How Do You Organise Your Beauty Products?

You've spent a bomb on them, might as well give them the star treatment they deserve instead of throwing it all into a box. Here, we show you how to get the vanity of your dreams.

What can we say? When it comes to beauty products, we are very typical women. Be it skincare, palettes, lip shades, we stock up and then we stock up some more. While we tend to close one eye and believe that our resources are infinite when it comes to beauty products – “You don’t understand, I NEED this moisturiser!” – the space in which we store them is not.

Getting down to organising and sorting out your products can do you quite a bit of good in a long run. First, there’s the detox, so you don’t accidentally use something that should be tossed out. Bacteria, y’all. Yikes. Then, there’s the organising part, so you know exactly where everything is, saving time and money along the way, just in case you forget you ever had it. Finally, the never-ending appeal of minimalism. That picture-perfect table top you see constantly on Instagram is yours to have. If you haven’t already, it’s time to confront your hoarder tendencies and get that beautiful vanity you’ve always wanted.


They say the first steps are always the hardest. If you’re having trouble tossing things out, just remember this: BACTERIA. Simply gather all your beauty products and spread them somewhere you can see all of them. Toss away the expired ones – drop them in the recycling bin or re-use the jars if you can – and pick your everyday essentials. If it’s too good to toss, give it away. The golden rule of thumb here is to not exceed more than five to six items. Then, lay your holy grails on a tray, like the ones we suggest below. That way, you’ll save time searching for your essentials AND be organised at the same time.



Now, everything else you want to keep. Separate your products into categories. For instance, skincare and makeup, frequently used and special occasions, unopened products, tools and multiple colours of a similar product, like lipsticks. Acrylic storage are best for these because not only do they look good and it helps you pick out where everything is more easily – no more duplicates – it exposes them to a bit of light, which bacteria hates. You also know exactly when it is due for a wipe down.



Tools like brushes and beauty care products like cotton ear buds, cotton puffs have to go somewhere, too. For these, your very home is a hidden stash of gems. Empty candle jars? Tin cans? Wood receptacles? Perfect time to use them now. Not only do they furbish your cosmetic wardrobe with an air of rustic, vintage vibe, it’s also a sustainable practice. Alternatively, choose our picks from below to contain them.


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