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Presenting KULALA Holidays – Our BIGGEST Giveaway Yet!

Christmas is coming! To celebrate the festive season, we've planned a whole series of giveaways for December – just for YOU. Here's what you need to do.

Hear ye, hear ye, because we’re about to close out your year with a big bang. To celebrate the coming festive season and to thank you for all your support in the last year, we’re kicking off an whole series of giveaways all through December. We’re spanning across the categories of beauty, fashion and lifestyle – everything we cover on YOYOKULALA.com – and the best part? Everyone can take part in the giveaway. EVERYONE. It’s a thank you from us to you. What you need to do is simple:

1. Sign up for our newsletter in the box you see on the right, so you’ll be the first to catch all our giveaway announcements. Don’t forget to keep checking back on our website, too!

2. Next, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

3. Finally, leave a comment on the designated post for each giveaway. Be sure to include your email address and Instagram handle so we know how to reach out to you. This part is important! (Note: You must be based or have a local address in Singapore to qualify for the giveaway.)

Each giveaway will last for a week, after which, we will look at all your comments and select the winners at random. We have a bunch of giveaways lined up all through the month – the opening image is a teaser – so if you don’t score at your first try, keep going! We have more than one winner for each giveaway, so there are plenty of chances for everyone to join the party.

That’s it from us for now. Keep your eyes peeled – we don’t want you to miss a thing. Get excited, get ready and we’ll see you in the comments section!

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  • María Blardone

    Already followed! Love your blog and style. One of my favourite fashion communicator! Hope one day I can work for you.
    Best wishes and new year’s from Buenos Aires.


    Maria Blardone

    My instagram account is: @be__eme

    • YOYOKULALA.com

      Aww, thanks for your sweet words! We do have to say that the giveaway is only open to readers based in Singapore. We will definitely work on international giveaways in the future!

  • Sim Yvonne

    Woohoo! Have been looking forward to this. Happy holidays!

    • YOYOKULALA.com

      Good luck!

  • Thong Jean Lim

    OMG I can’t wait for this! Best thing that happened this holiday!
    Already followed!


    • YOYOKULALA.com

      AWWW best thing? That makes us feel fuzzy and warm, hahaha.

  • JeAnn Leow

    Always loved your fashion and it gave me a lot of inspirations! Really excited for the giveaway as well as for the holidays 🙂


  • Kayla Quah

    I love your fashion sense and style. The way you dress up is an inspiration to me as you always dress up so stylish. Hope to see more fashion and beauty tips on your blog and your IG. Thank you for this giveaway #yoyogiveaway

  • Maureen

    This blog has constantly been giving me so much inspiration I can’t wait already!! 🙌🌼

    Xx 💖,

  • Novi Sureanti
  • Novi Sureanti

    Can not wait 😄😄.. feel so excited 😆😆

  • Eunice Chen

    You are a very influential, inspiring and beautiful woman. You show your delicate and passionate side of the fashion world. I love how effortless your style is…your hairstyle, make up and outfit are so chic and on point! To be honest I have never fancied someone’s style so much before you! I look forward to receiving the December surprise from yourself! Please do not stop being yourself and continue inspiring other women in the world! Peace ✌🏼👠👗🧣💄eunicechen18@hotmail.com

  • Dawn Lee

    Your blog give me insipiration for the lastest fashion trend so I won’t be outdated after step into motherhood. It’s also my first time joining giveaway, wish me luck🍀


  • Joey Tan


  • Ling Xu

    I would love any holiday treat from YOYOKULALA, I love your team, your content and… December 1st was my birthday!!🎂💖

  • Renata Ong

    No better Christmas would be a gift from my idol goddess that puts a smile on my heart! 🎄🎁

    Email: renataongwenhui-@hotmail.com
    Insta: @renatadecoco

    Thank you for the giveaway Yoyo & co! PS: I love how Candice is such a wordsmith! ❤️

  • Polly Zheng

    Pick me 🤩🤩 yoyo

  • Low Rui Ru

    Merry xmas!! 🎅🎄🎁🎉

  • Rebecca Chen

    Hope to be so lucky as to be chosen for this giveaway! Thank you for your generosity! inrokini@yahoo.com.sg @inrokini

  • Adeline

    IG: adecwj
    Email: adelineec@gmail.com

    Thanks Yoyo and team!

  • SK

    Email: skayyy@gmail.com
    IG: skatripley
    Thank you!!!

  • Chantelle Thach


  • Rachel Cheong


  • Choi Hou Leong


    Thank you all for doing the giveaways.

  • Mary Tay
  • 💗✨💗✨💗✨
    Email: mishu.doll@hotmail.com
    IG: Papermartini

    Thanks for spreading love as always. X

  • Joana Teh
  • Ng Siew hoon

    Woo hoo! Thank you for sharing your love! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Let me win 🙋🏻‍♀️

    Email: nuyuix@gmail.com
    Instagram: smokinger

  • Wey Lynn

    I really hope I can win! tis’ truly the season to be jolly!

    Wey Lynn

  • Hui Juan

    ✨🐰👼🏼✨ congrats on your little bb, yoyo! i cant wait to see jr. yoyo chang!!!! ✨👼🏼🐰✨

    @wonghuijuan | huiju4n@gmail.com

    p.s. pleasee pick me!

  • Vivien Kong

    Thank you for sharing the true spirit of Christmas!! I wish I’ll win but if I don’t, I still enjoy reading your articles.


  • Bern

    Thank you for organising these giveaways! 🙂


  • Lily Tan

    Fingers crossed
    Instagram: lilyt0000

  • Elizabeth Mascrinhas

    Now, that’s the Christmas spirit 😉 Thank you, YOYOKULALA!!

  • Mabel Tan

    Email: Mabel_tan@hotmail.com
    IG: @iammabeltan

  • Zoe Yap

    Tis the Season to be Jolly with so much love!!!
    Thank You Yoyo!!!!
    Email: Zowieyap@gmail.com
    IG : @zowieyap

  • Shwu Ting

    Email: alicia.wong512@gmail.com
    Insta: shwu_ting

  • LL Liu

    Dear Yoyo, my Instagram handle is @frufrull and my e-mail is Liling.L@hotmail.sg Thank you! <3

  • Claire Ang

    Email: Claireath@gmail.com
    Instagram: clairexang

  • Elaine

    Email: elainegyt@gmail.com
    Insta: eginwonderland

  • Dawn Lee

    IG: @dawnethan
    Email: dawnleens@yahoo.com.sg

  • Felicia

    Email: felicia-@live.com.sg
    IG: @fortefelicity

    New year, new clothes!

    Happy New Year, Yoyo & team! ❤️

  • Cheryl Tan
  • Kayla Quah
  • Lim Shi Yu

    insta: cosycheeks_

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