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KULALA ICONS: Revisiting Wes Anderson’s Leading Ladies & Gentlemen

We know you want to dress as one – or all – of them this Halloween. #moodboard

It is almost impossible to dislike Wes Anderson’s work. It is like hating on a video of otters floating peacefully down a river whilst holding hands i.e. unheard of. Sure, he’s got four Oscar nominations tucked nicely into his herringbone pant pocket to prove his worth. But, beyond the approval of critics, Anderson’s aesthetic is just so pleasing to the senses. You know exactly when you’re watching a Wes Anderson flick. There is the excellent and mildly bizarre storytelling, the endearing yet kooky characters who basically wear the same thing throughout the two hours, the all-famous sepia-tinged colour palette and the overall surrealism that makes each movie seem like a dream sequence.

I mean, this is the guy who took a Roald Dahl book – Fantastic Mr. Fox – and adapted it into something wonderfully, genuinely funny for both adults and children. Hell, even my teenage brother likes it. The kids will laugh at Mr. Fox & Co.’s antics, the adults will laugh at their sarcasm, sassiness and veiled swearing (“This is going to be a total clustercuss”). Don’t even get me started on that soundtrack – it is the reason why I start dancing every time I hear “Let Her Dance” by The Bobby Fuller Four – and the quality stop-motion magic that goes in there.

More than just superb screenplays and cinematography, you’ve got to admit that the movies – and by extension, the-never-not-in-a-vintage-esque-pantsuit Anderson himself — have style. How many of y’all have, at one point or another, thought about going as one of his characters for Halloween? I have, and I’m still trying to make it happen. He has all these characters with such well-defined signature looks. A fur-clad girl with dead straight blonde hair and smokey eyes? Bam, Margot Tenenbaum! A guy in a sweatband, suit and sunglasses? Bam, Richie Tenenbaum! Anyone in a red tracksuit? Bam, Chas Tenenbaum! Makes you wonder who made it a thing first – Ben Stiller or Bella Hadid.

To top it all of, Anderson’s costume design department did actually rope in the big names to design some of the looks and props. The matching suitcases and duffels in The Darjeeling Limited (I still want one) were Louis Vuitton, the trunks in The Grand Budapest Hotel were Prada and the fur jackets were Fendi. As we’ve said before, we love a good fashion and pop culture mash-up.


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