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Kulala P.C Club: 5 Virtual Museum Tours You Can Embark on From Home

No tickets required! No opening hours! No dress codes!

Welcome to the new world order. How are you adjusting to life in the confines of your home? Are the four walls closing on you or have you settled into an impervious zen? Regardless the camp you belong to, can you imagine how much harder all of this would have been if not for technology? The mere thought sends shudders down my spine. Ahh…the horror!

Home isolation sans zoom meetings, TikTok dances, virtually instructor-led workout classes? We’d all probably come out at the end of it sans sanity. With pretty much everything in real life having shut its doors till further notice, the internet has stepped in as our gateway to the world outside. It’s remarkable, all the places we can (virtually) visit without actually going anywhere.

Besides nailing your daily workout, taking a stroll along your neighbourhood park and working from home, here’s another to-do you can add to your roster: virtual tours around museums across the globe. No admission tickets required, no opening hours or dress codes to adhere to either. Heck, you could even bring your slice of pizza along. You can’t quite compare the experience of viewing a piece of art through your screen to consuming it in real life but we’ll take it.

Have you always had a museum in another part of the world on your list of places to visit but have yet to get around to it? Now’s the time to do it all from the comfort of your own home. Will you be headed to the iconic Louvre, Vatican museums or perhaps the National Women’s History Museum?

1. The Louvre 

You can’t talk museums without mention of The Louvre – an iconic Parisian landmark that houses some of the world’s most esteemed collections of art. Within its glass pyramid resides Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa masterpiece, amongst an extensive line-up of the art world’s historical treasures. The museum’s virtual tours will take you through some of its popular exhibits like the “Egyptian Antiquities” and the works of Italian sculptor Michelangelo.

2. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s online tours grant virtual access to all the rooms and exhibits on the compound. Embark on a 360-degree tour through displays of bones, butterflies and dinosaurs. Ready to channel your inner Ross Geller? The entire museum is your virtual playground!

3. The National Women’s History Museum 

Now that you have all the spare time in your hands, there’s no better moment than now to dive into the history books. The conversation on feminism has been on that has been ongoing for decades and to fully understand the topic, getting a grasp of its past is important. It might not have been on your list of priorities in the past but it can be now. Walking through the triumphant strides women have made throughout history is a truly inspiring journey. The virtual tours from The National Women’s History Museum unexpectedly tugs at the heartstrings. Keep the tissues on standby!

4. The Vatican Museums

You don’t have to subscribe to religion for a tour around the Vatican Museums. If anything, it’s a glimpse into a world you might otherwise might never have stepped into. Curated by Popes throughout the course of history, the museum’s virtual tours are an eye-opening insight into classical art. If not for anything else, the interior of museum itself is awe-inspiring and worthy of checking out.

5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Out and about in New York is far from where anyone should ideally be in this covid-19 climate but that does not mean you can’t go on a tour exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s curation of more than 2 million art pieces. You’d find some of the art world’s most prominent names like Vincent van Gogh and Jackson Pollock in the mix here. Dive right in!

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