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KULALA Weekends: We’ve Found Singapore’s Coolest Speakeasy

It is all your Great Gatsby fantasies come to life, complete with a ceiling-high tower filled with 1,000 bottles of gin. Camera ready?

Good food isn’t hard to find in Singapore, but good food in beautiful locations? That’s a bit of a needle in a haystack kind of situation. Look, we’re not saying that these don’t exist. Those that we know of, we’ve either visited repeatedly, Instagrammed to death, or both. Plus, there are only that many concrete floors, wooden benches and shophouse tiles one can take. Sometimes, a throwback to the old school – and we mean the really old school – becomes ironically fresh.

Many restaurants try to capture the glamour and opulence of the Jazz Age, but few have succeeded quite as well as ATLAS. For a city like Singapore where the restaurant scene is so saturated, it is an impressive feat. Nestled in the heart of the towering Parkview Square – unofficially called the Gotham Building because it literally looks like it’s been plucked out of Batman – ATLAS is a restaurant-bar that seriously commits to recreating the mood of the Art Deco era.

We were just there a couple of weeks ago for a little project and we were snapping away the whole time. It is just such a stunning space. Think massive Art Deco lamps and pillars mixed in with statues of Egyptian queens, dark marble, rich red floors, spiralling staircases gilded in gold and seatings in a palette of plum, brown and green underneath a ceiling covered in graphic etchings that merge the East and West. It is hard to believe that ATLAS is a re-creation rather than an original from the 1920s. The interiors are just so detailed.

Now, while it is hard to pick our favourite part of the interiors, the crowning jewel of ATLAS is the Gin Tower, and it is exactly as it sounds: a ceiling-high tower chockfull of over a thousand bottles of gin from around the world, some dating back to 1910. This tower alone needs to be a tourist attraction. Golden bubbly and whisky more your thing? ATLAS carries more than 250 labels of champagne, all housed in a rose gold walk-in under the Gin Tower, and over 200 whisky offerings. Jay Gatsby can only wish.

After you’re done gawking at the interiors and seemingly endless array of bottled vintage, indulge in selects from the French-Italian menu that goes way beyond the run-of-the-mill pub grub. We’re giving a special shout-out to the Slow Braised Beef, Frozen Chocolate and Crepes Mille-Feuille. You don’t have to wait till dusk to get the party started, either. ATLAS also features an afternoon tea menu, where you can sup on Iberico Jamon on Toast, Savoury Eclair with Wagyu and ATLAS’s signature madeleines alongside lovely tea blends that combine Eastern and Western flavours, quite like the golden ceilings. Of course, if you want to start Happy Hour early, we’re not stopping you.

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