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KULALA Weekends: Noshery

We may have found Singapore's most hipster cafe-bar-restaurant yet. Get your phones and portable chargers ready because you will be 'gramming the shiz out of this place.

If the true mark of a hipster cafe is its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it location, then Noshery at Rochester Park is as hipster as they come. Not only were we lost twice trying to get there, we also just barely secured a parking space. That’s when you know a location’s secluded – limited parking.

Surrounded by thick foliage, Noshery is housed in a two-floor white colonial building. Now, if you’re not familiar with Singapore’s architectural and landscape history, just know this – colonial buildings, along with the colourful 19th and 20th Century shophouses, are real estate gold. They’re the closest we have to buildings with old-world charm, and there aren’t many of them left. So, snazzy, Instagrammable location? Check.

Now, the restaurant. Sticking to the old-world concept, the interior of the first floor is perhaps best described as “vintage”, with rattan and French bistro chairs, retro palm-tree wallpaper, marble tabletops, mismatched Chinatown plates and vintage odds and ends strewn around. Also, there’s a garden right outside. We didn’t ask, but we suspect that part of it is edible. See, super hipster.

The food is great too, not just Instagrammable. We had the Veggie Bomb Salad, which was refreshing and very appropro if you’re into the whole clean eating biz, the Spicy Cod Roe Pasta, which was a very nice and light spin on mentaiko, and the Truffle Fries with a sprinkle of shaved cheese. The fries were so addictive, man.

Noshery’s second floor – the “bar” section – is also pretty sweet. An open-air patio with long vintage tables, lounge areas lit by candlelight and some of the surrounding greenery peeking in at the sides, it’s classic Instagram fodder. And, the final touch? A little bridge that connects the two sections of the rustic white building. Snap, snap, snap.

If we’ve convinced you to head down to Noshery this weekend, get your portable chargers ready because we foresee that you’ll be Snapchatting and Instagramming quite a bit. We counted at least 14 Instagrammable spots. You’re welcome.

EDIT: The second floor is actually Noshery’s sister restaurant Nosh, open only for dinners from Tuesdays to Sundays. The tables may not be set if you’re there during the day, but the space is still there for photo ops!

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