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KULALA Weekends: Publico, The Swankiest Brunch Spot In Town

It's deli, restaurant and bar all in one setting with the plushiest velvet seats and gold accented interiors, complete with traditional Italian dishes. Mmmm.

Visiting Singapore for the first time? Need a new place in town to hang with your peeps? Shimmy down over here for more of our “KULALA Weekends” series. If you have a haunt to recommend, drop it in the comments below.

Whenever there’s anything with the word brunch involved, we’re sure to be there because that’s our favourite mealtime of the week. It combines the best of both comforting breakfast and hearty lunch, and is arguably the best time to sit undisturbed while munching on food for hours on end. There’s nothing more relaxing than just chilling after a weekend lie-in and Publico is our newest spot for that. That’s right kids, KULALA Weekends is back!

Nested in a little corner of Robertson Quay, Publico is a restaurant with a sort of Italian-American diner vibe, filled with plush cushions and lush greenery. Imagine our delight when we stepped into the cozy place that makes us want to sit and do nothing for the rest of the day. Gold accents, wood furniture and soft velvety seats are all surefire ways to keep one inside with a camera going off every other second. Until the food arrives, obvs.

Now, although the aesthetics are good enough reason for us to make a trip down, they’ve also got all-day breakfasts – that includes the classic brunch items – as well as indulgent Italian food that you’d expect from a traditional fare. Even if brunch isn’t exactly your thing, you can watch this place transform into a bar by nightfall. It’s like watching it come alive with cocktails that you can pair with anything from pillowy pancakes to a silky plate of spaghetti. Breakfast, lunch and dinner food all in one sitting? Amaze.

Good food, comfortable seats and easy on the eyes, what better reason do you need to get yourself a day of pampering and relaxing with unbeatable coffee?

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