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Loewe’s Earthy Home Scent Collection Transports Us to a Lush Garden

Ahead of its launch next month, we bring you inside the full lineup of Loewe's home scents collection. Your senses are in for an indulgent expedition.

Scents bring us back to places. A strong waft of spices takes me to my grandmother’s kitchen; a whiff of eucalyptus to my favourite spa in town; and the spicy, sweet aroma of cinnamon to the most wonderful time of the year. It easily explains the allure of candles. It’s a ticket to an untouched tropical islet, a lush lavender field or a garden in summer – the only kind we are privy to in light of Miss Rona’s world tour.

Anything that satiates our #wanderlust without actually going anywhere, we say, take our money.

Enter Loewe’s new line of home scents. The collection interprets 11 botanical scents into expressions of candles held within ribbed ceramic vessels, tall wax candle holders, room sprays, rattan diffusers, and soap. The collection’s fragrances are a trip down Anderson’s memory lane. For instance, the distinct scent of tomato leaves that bring him back to his childhood in Magherafelt, a small town in Northern Ireland, while, cypress balls recall a recent trip to a garden in Florence during the presentation of his men’s collection in 2017. It also taps into Anderson’s affinity for botanicals. As much of a plant-obsessed millennial as the rest of us, he makes regular visits to historical gardens.

There is plenty of reason why we’re already head over heels with Loewe’s home scent collection prior to even getting a whiff of the scents ourselves. In typical Loewe fashion, the home scent collection comes impeccably designed. We can already see the ribbed ceramic vessels, the pastel hues of the tall, wax candles, and even the sleek glass bottles of home sprays double up as tasteful home decor accents. And moonlight as flat lay props.

More than just soothe the mind, they bring calm to the aesthetic of an interior. If you’re a candle enthusiast, it’s never too early to start making space for Loewe’s line of home scents ahead of its launch in September. Swipe through the gallery to see every piece from the collection.

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