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KULALA Weekends: The Chillest Tea Salon In Town

We know it is Christmas this weekend, but if you're looking for somewhere to unwind from the festivities, this pastel-perfect haunt hits the spot just right.

In a city overrun by coffee houses and bubble tea shops – that’s boba to our friends across the Pacific – a tea salon of the modern variety is a rare sight. Being habitual tea drinkers ourselves, imagine our delight when we stumbled upon Looksee Looksee, a little establishment created by the minds behind Lo & Behold Group.

We were a little surprised when we found no baristas and no desserts of any kind when we first stepped in the pastel-perfect space. In fact, there’s hardly even a front desk or cashier of any kind at all. Just pastel seats, pastel walls, pastel couches, racks of books and a smidgen of flora. If you told us that the place drew inspiration from Wes Anderson’s sepia-and-pastel-tinged repertoire, we might have believed you.

But yes, the tea. You see, Looksee Looksee is, first and foremost, an impossibly zen reading room. The pastel theme is all part of the gig. You can bring your own, or you can pick one of the many attractive coffee table books just hanging about on the racks. The tea, courtesy of the Singapore-based A.muse Projects, is to further sink you into that very zen mood. There’s none of that basic fare, though. If you order earl grey or green tea – which we don’t even think they have, but we could be wrong – you’re missing out. We, for example, ordered the caramel macchiato tea served with a card detailing all its ingredients and a spoonful of cookie butter. In case you were wondering – yes, it tasted incredibly close to the real deal. If you want to kick the coffee habit, you may want to start with this.

Another interesting thing about Looksee Looksee? The teas don’t come with a price tag. Nada. You pay for your cuppa as you please. But please, don’t be one of those people who drop spare change and sit there for hours and hours. It ain’t nice, yo. Be nice!

Visiting Singapore for the first time? Need a new place in town to hang with your peeps? Shimmy down over here for more of our “KULALA Weekends” series. If you have a haunt to recommend, drop it in the comments below.

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