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These Mirrors Will Give Your At-Home Selfies an Aesthetic Upgrade

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which makes for the best selfie of all?

We’ve gone down the Instagram rabbit hole of design inspirations and we like it here. It’s a wondrous world. Let’s see. So far, we’ve placed our fingers on the Wassily chair, found candles that are so pretty we can’t bear to use them and have taken to vintage furniture shopping.

Just as it has in the past, Instagram has yet again pointed the way to our latest interior obsession: the wiggly-edged, six-foot-tall, pink-hued Ultrafragola mirror by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass from 1970. Since being reproduced last year, the discerning design has seen a renaissance in the mirror selfies of  Tinseltown’s young and hip. Bella Hadid, Franck Ocean and Sophia Amoruso count themselves as proud owners.

While we’re (and our bank accounts) are not quite financially ready to part with 10 grand for a mirror, we could never look at a mirror the same way or ever go back to the plain ol’ characterless designs of our past. There’s so much untapped potential. Mirrors can lend so much more to a space than just pure functionality. For instance, ones with squiggly edges and unwonted textures could just as well double up as art against a wall.

If a mirror does not make us stop, stare, and selfie, that’s not it. We’ve rounded up five that check all our boxes. Have you picked a (preferably, well-lit) corner to fit one of these in?

Ultrafragola Mirror 

Fortine Glam Accent Mirror

Cult of Nine Puffy Mirror

Gustaf Westman Curvy Mirror


Bi-Rite Studio Capsule Mirror

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