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The Ultimate Fashion Week Hack You Will Thank Me For

Even if you're not working in fashion, this pro-tip might forever change the way you travel. Any guesses?

You guys already know what time of the year it is. We are a few days shy of flagging off fashion month. I have all of two days to wrap up packing, get in quality time with my sweet boy Luca and mentally prepare brace myself for the weeks ahead. Having done the fashion month marathon this many times, it’s basically muscle memory at this point. It’s like being a seasoned athlete, you know?

We have had our dear Kulala team member Natalyn recount her virgin experience here and OG Kulala team leader Candice spill everything from the insane schedules to a rundown of each city in what she dubbed as the fashion month world tour. I’ll admit fashion months can be quite something – the changing weather, the non-stop travel, the living at the back of a minivan.

Over the years, I have developed a few coping mechanisms to weather through the month. Today, I will be sharing THE ONE that is a literal life-saver. It is also the one trick that can absolutely change your life even if you have no business at the fashion weeks. Are you ready? Cue the drumroll for my best kept fashion week secret!

Heat patches. There are many things within my control at fashion week but Mother Nature, she is beyond me. When the weather dips, from my body to my pre-planned outfit, everything can go out of whack. The cold can be brutal you guys. It’s added stress no one needs during the already hectic month. I cannot count on both hands how many times heat patches have kept me nice, warm and toasty in the single digit weather.

My go-to heat patches are Zomtop Winter body warmers. I get them in two different sizes – small and large. The small ones go on the areas above both my shoulders and the larger ones, on my lower back. A word of caution: do not at any circumstance paste these directly onto the skin. They WILL burn your skin. I typically paste mine over my first layer of clothing. These patches stay warm for about 12 hours. What a freaking miracle, I know!

And wah lah, in a matter of five minutes or less, you’ll be all set to beat the biting cold. A great travel hack on the whole, if you ask me. If I’m travelling during Fall or Winter I always have multiple packets of these heat patches on me. You’re now all set to croon along with me to the Frozen hit “Let It Go”. Sit out loud ladies, the cold never bothered me anyway!

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