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The New Yorkers You’re Still Not Following On Instagram

Wish you were a New Yorker in an alternate universe? Same. We're living vicariously through the Instagrams of these New Yorkers instead.

We’re in New York! The greatest city in the world! The Big Apple! The city that never sleeps! The concrete jungle where dreams are made of! While you may argue about the city’s “greatest” status, you have to agree that it is a great city, filled with vibrant architecture, food and people.

We always love coming back to New York, whether it is the search for the next Instagrammable dessert or just to soak in that New York attitude. When the time comes for us to take that long as heck flight back home (almost a day of flying, if you were wondering), we sigh a little bit as we gaze out the window, but then remember that we can continue to convince ourselves that we’re in New York thanks to a little something called social media.

Whether you’re a foodie in search for the next rainbow bagel or just want to live vicariously through the lives of other New Yorkers, these are the New Yorkers we think you should follow. We’ve got beauty, food, art, photography and fashion in the mix, so there’s something for everyone.


Every image makes you go “awww” and then “yum”. Mike Chau goes around New York looking for the best food, but not without his two kids lurking in the background of every food shot. Every one can run a food-centric Instagram account, but Chau does it with a kind of fun that we haven’t seen anywhere else.


The Instagram handles says it all, because #betchesbehungry. From bagels to ice cream to pizza, Michele Mansoor gives a no-nonsense, straight to the point look at some of New York’s greatest food offerings. Some even come with a bite taken out of them, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re looking for your next Instagrammable snack, just browse her feed.


You’ve heard of Glossier, right? Before Glossier, there was Into The Gloss, the beauty-centric site founded by Emily Weiss. If you don’t have time for the real thing, their Instagram is a mix bag of runway beauty, easy statement makeup looks, dewy skin and dream vanities of the beautiful people they interview, from Emma Watson to Gal Gadot.


Founded by New Yorker Leandra Medine, Man Repeller’s content has grown from fashion to stories about real women, by real women. The team is based in New York, so there are several New York-centric stories as well. Like Into The Gloss, we’d recommend reading the real thing, but if you can’t, get snippets of it on their Instagram. Most of the images are accompanied by captions that are bound to get a chuckle or two from you.


In the age of Instagram, everyone is looking for the next Instagrammable street or building. New York has plenty and Nam Pho goes around the city to look for them. If you need suggestions pronto, just browse his feed. (FYI, SoHo is a personal favourite of ours.) Pho doesn’t just stick to New York – Paris and London are in the mix as well.


We’re cheating with this, because while Milk is a collective based in New York, it taps the work of artists and designers from all over, going across the genres of fashion, art, music and film. Actually, people from everywhere with a variety of talents coming together? That’s pretty New York. Milk’s Instagram feed is an endless flow of images that you’ll be double-tapping all night long.


You know that image of a melting cone of pink ice cream tucked into a pair of white Levi’s that has been reposted and copied everywhere? Olivia Locher started it first.


Photographer, artist, director – the rising New Yorker’s surreal, dreamy and at times trippy feed covers her extensive repertoire of work that includes Gucci, CR Fashion Book, Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” and a neon-lit Samuel L. Jackson.


Saskia Wariner only has a handful of posts on Instagram, but she’s already gathered over 25K followers with her hand drawings and water colour paintings that are just too darn precious.


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