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How To Not Be A Basic B*tch At Gift Wrapping

So much more than just wrapping a present in a piece of paper. With these, all those elves in Santa's workshop will have nothing on you.

What sort of a gift wrapper are you? The sort who wraps a gift candy-wrapper style and calls it a day, or the sort who adds a piece of twine here and a sprig of rosemary there? We don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but if you’ve already gone out of your way to get the gift, you might as well throw on a little something-something to make it extra special. Plus, if you think that the gift isn’t as up to par as you’d want it to be, at least your next-level wrapping will make up for it.

Now, we turn to Pinterest. *gestures to the gallery above in The Price Is Right style* Also, play this to get yourself in the mood.

If you’ve got time on your hands, consider making your own wrapping paper. Alternatively, you can ditch the paper altogether, cut up a burlap sack and use that as a wrapper instead. It is like the mason jar of wrapping papers. Kind of. If your presents aren’t too bulky, consider stitching up the ends of your wrapping paper instead of taping them together. We got this ingenious idea from A Pair & A Spare. It’ll save you so much time – because sewing machines are fast – and your giftee gets to go all murder scene on it without tape getting in the way. Sort of like a Christmas cracker, but better.

As for the toppings – the stuff that goes on the gift after it’s all wrapped up – leaves, twigs, pine cones, stalks of fir, flowers, cinnamon sticks or candy add a nice touch. Consider using polaroids instead of regular cards, too. A picture says a thousand words, right? Ho, ho, ho. If you’re in favour of maximalism, drop the string for tinsel garlands. So shiny, so sparkly, so darn festive.

If you’re struggling to finish all your work before the holidays and you barely even have time to get gifts, much less wrap them, it is a-okay. Everyone can appreciate the old-school appeal of brown kraft paper and brown twine. Except, maybe bratty kids. That’s what paper bags are for. YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE IT AND YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE IT, KID.

Want more like these? Click here for a bunch of low-key decorating ideas for the holidays and here for our mini gift guide, in case you’re running low on gift inspo.

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