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A Day In The (Quarantine) Life Of Actress Elva Ni

There's a whole lotta yoga involved!

At this point, people in most parts of the world have crossed the one month mark in quarantine. In Singapore, we’re at day 23. Right about now you have either settled into the rhythm of a new normal, are on the verge of losing your sanity or oscillating between the two from day to day. As we ease into life as we now know it, we’ve all had to devise our own coping mechanisms to remain sanguine. For some of us, it might mean staying productive by means of a rigorous workout plan or a newfound hobby. Then there are others who take this time as an opportune moment to hit pause and delve inwards into their psyche.

There’s always been a certain appeal of knowing how people spend their days. Of course, we don’t mean Aunty Jane, your next-door neighbour – though, we’re sure she’s great! We’re talking more about people who we know to exist on the movie screens or on your Instagram feed. You know their lives to some capacity but crave the details. It’s an interest that has particularly heightened at this time.

How is everyone filling up their time within the confines of their homes no less? Yoyo has been cooking up a storm over at her food account Yoyofoodlala, Anna Wintour has restarted her morning runs and actress Jameela Jamil is set to launch a YouTube show. To satisfy your (and our) curiosity, we’ve set out to ask some of our famous friends across the globe how they’ve been spending their time indoors.

We’re kicking off with a day in the (quarantine) life of model and actress Elva Ni. With a burgeoning following of more than half a million followers on Instagram, Elva is a household name in Hong Kong – where she is currently based. Beyond her portfolio of onscreen appearances, what you might not have known about the spirited 32-year-old is her involvement in yoga. A certified yoga instructor and the owner of her own studio, Be Earth, Elva knows a thing or two about coping with the stillness of the days. Needless to say, it of course entails a whole lotta yoga and meditative practice. Scrolling through Eva’s visual diary had us craving for quiet. And, oh, a plate of delicious pasta for dinner!

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