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The Real Fashion Week Diet

Trust us, it's a thing.

You hear a lot about a certain thing called the Fashion Week Diet. It seems to suggest some kind of cult, where members – cloaked in one of ’em sold-out-everywhere hoodies from Vetements, no less – engage religiously in a carefully planned diet that ensures a stand-out bod all throughout the gruelling four to five weeks.

The reality is this: you are desperate to eat, but ain’t nobody got time for that when you’re basically running from one show to another. When you do actually get time to sit down for a proper meal, it’s already dark out and you’re too worn out to even chew. We went to bed with our stomachs literally growling during the first half of Milan Fashion Week. When it’s a battle between sleep and stomach, sleep usually wins. Flat tummies for all!

The mythical Fashion Week Diet is, hence, a thing, but also not a thing. By the grace of the Fashion Gods, our schedule eased up slightly by Day 4 and we decided that whenever we’ve got time to eat, WE EAT. We’re talking ordering, eating and then paying in 15 minutes, FLAT. Also, chomping down Kinder Bueno bars in the car while simultaneously figuring out our next show location and stealing donut holes from snack bars at the more chill presentations. This one’s a pro-tip.

So – now that we’ve made clear our stand on the debate – if you’re looking to NOT starve the next time you have back-to-back activities in Milan and Paris, fashion week or otherwise, may we suggest these lovely little establishments?

For URH-MAZING Florentine beef, spaghetti and generous appetisers (i.e. everything you need, in one place):

Terza Carbonaia, Via Degli Scipioni, 3

Ristorante Torre di Pisa, Via Flori Chiari, 21/5


For super smooth foie gras with a beautiful view of the Duomo (sight-seeing while dining, talk about a time-saver!):

Giacomo Arengario, Museo del Novecento, Via Gugliemo Marconi, 1


For desserts and pastries plated for Instagram (creating social media content whilst eating, oh boy!):

Cova Ristorante, Via Montenapoleone 8

Bastianello, Via Borgogna, 5

Le Café Marly, rue de Rivoli, 93


For Asians who absolutely NEED to get their Asian food fix (so close to the shopping districts too!):

Indochine, rue du Mont Thabor, 38

Ginger, rue de la Tremoille, 11

Auberge des trois Bonheurs, rue Saint Honoré, 280

Monsieur Bleu, Avenue du President Wilson, 13 (Not exactly an Asian restaurant, but they serve flavoured rice that tastes dangerously similar to Nasi Lemak)


For frou-frou risotto with a side of somethin’-somethin’ (see overly-excited comment above):

Da Rosa, rue Rouget de Lisle, 7

Le Castiglione, rue Saint Honoré, 235

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