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Room Diaries: Park & Cube’s Shini Gives Us A Glimpse Into Her London Office

It's the perfect blend of rustic vintage and modern, in other words: GOALS, GOALS, GOALS. Will you just look at that fireplace?

If I had to use one word to describe Shini’s office in her London townhouse, it would be “charming”. If I were to put in more personal, millennial terms, it would be “goals”. Being in London itself already lends her office that cosy, fuzzy character that one associates with the city on a regular gloomy and rainy day. Then, there’s the matter of the wooden floors that mingle with dark wood tables and shelves, the truly spectacular marble fireplace mantel and the ceiling embossed with details from a century that, due to my limited knowledge, I cannot pinpoint.

Shini, the creative brains behind Park & Cube, has an incredible eye for tasteful visuals, so it’s no surprise that her office nails that odds-and-ends aesthetic perfectly. There are pieces of art, deep green foliage, old books, picnic baskets and a top-handle bag that could very well be from the forties or the sixties.

But, on the other hand, you have magazine cut-outs on a cork board, Manolo Blahnik mules in an acrylic box, a Prada bag charm – from Fall/Winter 2016 – used as a shelf ornament and the biggest bottle of Chloe’s L’Eau Eau de Toilette you will ever see. A vase of deep red peonies that had begun to wilt on the day we visited just added more character to the space. It’s such a well-balanced blend of vintage and modern that her Mac looked perfectly at home in all its sleek, silver metal glory.

Like Shini’s office, rooms that tell stories, that tell of adventures had, are the best kind. The kind that you know will get pinned over and over again on Pinterest. (That said, go ahead and pin away!) Who wants a room out of a catalogue? Not us. Browse the gallery above for snapshots from our visit and be prepared to take away more than a few interior decorating ideas.

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