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Room Diaries: Inside Yoyo’s Dreamy Cream And Grey Themed Baby Room

Minimalistic and cosy, adorned with little animal stuffed toys, tassel details and the softest blankets known to man – or baby.

Before I welcomed my baby boy, I had to check off a couple things on my list. There was a lot of shopping to do, preparations at home and the baby room. It’s important to me that the room is cosy because it’s a safe haven for my baby to grow and ease into the world, and minimalistic so that it never looks too cluttered, which can both be stressful for the baby and for myself.

The most important thing in the room is, of course, the cot. Luca’s little piece of cloud. This one by Stokke from Mothercare is a beautiful centrepiece in the room and grows with the child, saving time and effort instead of purchasing a new bed each time it becomes too small. It’s also fuss-free and the prettiest minimal cot I’ve ever seen, period. A snug blanket from Hermès hangs on the side to keep him from the cold, while the cutest cot mobile with little clouds and an elephant from Etsy hangs above the cot, helping to put my little baby to sleep. (Etsy is a great place to look for unique and safe baby toys and room ornaments.)

No baby room is complete without a bit of colour, which I subtly injected using a textured wallpaper with a hint of blue from Craft Axis. I have to say, though, I had my worries about the smell of glue lingering in the air, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was no odour at all. At all! Plus, they installed it really quickly and the print is clear and vibrant on the paper. Looking at it just makes me so pleased.

For the little ornaments, just to add to the mood, I chose to hang a stuffed toy elephant from eBay on the wall, above a string of oversized tassels from Etsy in the same colour palette. To finish off the soft elements of the room that makes it feel so cosy, a simple patterned floor rug that I picked up from Pottery Barn. While I plan to enjoy every bit of Luca’s adorable babyhood, I cannot wait to see how his space will change and grow along with him.

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