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Meet the Lumpy Sofa That’s All Over Instagram

The Soriana – you might not know it by name but chances are, you’ve already seen it on the ‘gram.

Where did we go to for interior inspo before Instagram came to be? Were we flipping through the pages of Architecture Digest and Home and Decor? Ikea catalogues? How archaic.

As with most things these days, the ‘gram has preceded all else as the go-to place for interior inspiration. It’s a barometer for what the cool kids are into, a glossary of swoon-worthy interiors archived from the bygone eras, and surreal digital renditions of what could be in the years ahead.

Having spent a large part of the past year nursing a cabin fever, the awe-inspiring spaces on Instagram have been a window of escape. Oh, the endless scroll pouring over the chairs! The couches! The mirrors! The vases! Inadvertently, we’ve also become self-professed experts at design trends that make their rounds on the ‘gram.

The latest of the lot to draw the attention of our Kelly Wearstler wannabe halves: the Soriana lounge chair. You might not know it by name but you’ve probably already seen it all over your feed (if you’re one to dabble into that side of the ‘gram). Fun fact: the recent popularity of the Soriana sofa owes itself in part to the first lady of contemporary interior design, none other than Wearstler, who had a full set in her Malibu beach house.

Preceding its modern-day fame, the low slung, cloud-like mass of a sofa dates all the way back to 1969. Conceived by revered Italian designer and architect Tobia Scarpa and his wife Afra, the Soriana  was the couple’s attempt at a radical design to impress at a furniture trade show. Far surpassing expectations, the sofas have gone on to bookmark an important chapter of design history – the ‘70s.

The way all trends do, the Soriana’s time in the spotlight eventually drew to an end when the sensibilities of the decades after shifted with the times. In a cultural zeitgeist of such keen sense of nostalgia and a deep desire for comfort, it’s easy to see why the Soriana is having its second shot at fame.

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