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Take a Virtual Tour Around the New Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands

Ahead of its opening, a glimpse into the latest Apple retail outpost in Singapore.

Floor to ceiling glass walls that go on forever. Minimal wooden interiors. A snaking queue at the door no matter the time of day. Whichever part of the world you may be from, you’ll know an Apple store when you see one. Or at least that’s the presumption one would make – until you meet the tech giant’s third and latest store.

Sometime towards the end of last year, a mysterious orb surfaced on the waters off Marina Bay Sands, setting off the rumour-mill. Speculations were strife that the dome-like floating structure was Apple’s latest retail outpost in the little red dot. The word on the street, it turns out, hit the nail on the head.

The floating structure, 30 meters in diameter and 70 meters in height, is the first of its kind in the world. Drawing its inspiration from the Pantheon in Rome, from the outside looking in, the store upends everything one might expect of an Apple store. But in the best ways possible.

Just as remarkable from the inside as it is from the outside, the glass-panelled structure is strategically designed to offer panoramic views of the surrounding bay area. Although aesthetically deviating from the stereotypical, the interior of the store takes after the others in evoking a familiar feeling of calm. Warm rays of the sun stream in through the glass walls, offering a sort of comfort as you ooh and aah over the brand’s latest releases.

It’s a retail experience that’s rather difficult to put into words. The sheer beauty of the store begs to be marvelled at in the flesh. To get a glimpse of what to anticipate, scroll through the gallery above for a virtual tour ahead of its opening tomorrow.

P.S. All entries into the store are allowed on an appointment basis. To book your spot, head on over to the brand’s website.

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