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Taking Silk Pyjamas Into The Realm Of Customisable Haven

We lay out all the reasons why monogrammed silk pjs make sense. Plus, the best places to get them pronto, right in the comfort of your own sheets.

Counting sheep and catching the Zs are undoubtedly the best things to look forward to after a long day of work. When everything seems to weigh on your shoulders, nothing spells bliss better than taking off your makeup, washing your wash and tend falling dead asleep on the comfiest sheets. Or, is there? Can it be better?

Three words: customisable silk pyjamas. The ultimate treat-yo-self gift for the slumber addict. (Let’s face it, who isn’t one?) Not only do they ease you into sleep better because they’re just so darn comfortable and breathable, they have the added benefit of not leaving any sleep marks on your skin. For those of us that are prone to waking up with water retention, that’s good news. That customisable touch, plus on a budget? Just the cherry on top of the cake.

Silk pyjamas are a gift that keeps on giving. If you feel ever so bold, consider taking your silk pyjamas out into daywear, pairing the top with jeans, the bottom with a t-shirt and a blazer. Just remember to press out those post-sleep creases. Below, the silk pjs to add to your cart, stat.


Totally Brides

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the lap of luxury every once in awhile. Sitting firmly in our first price point is Etsy store Totally Brides, that seems to have an infinite number of customisable products. If the low prices seem too good to be true for something as personal and luxurious as monogramming your name onto silk soft pyjamas, rest assured that the reviews for the store are singing nothing but praises and good things. They look incredibly gorgeous too. (And, even though we’re focusing on monogrammed pyjamas this week, we were pleased to find out that they also offered a ton of other customisable sleepwear – everything from beach hats to bath robes to fuel your inner glamour queen.)


Jasmine and Will 

Jasmine and Will is an Australian sleepwear label that embodies a classic aesthetic with an effortless approach to pyjama dressing. Other than its incredible stylish and luxurious sleepwear, Jasmine and Will launched its online store offering a personalised monogramming service in 2015. Their sleepwear designs range from beautiful slip cami dresses to traditional two-piece sets. If you want something more, they also have seasonal collections, bridal and wedding packages, as well as an extremely exquisite bespoke line with monogramming services.

If you’re ever in Australia, pop by their brick-and-mortar store to get a feel of how soft and delicate the silk on the pyjamas are. But if not, they offer a flat shipping rate to our little sunny island. Ordering yourself a set? They’ll be there in a jiffy.



You might not care much about what you wear to sleep, but here to change your mind is Yolke, a London-based silk sleepwear and loungewear brand with a DNA in print-led design. They design sleepwear separates that take influence from pyjama styles. Tailored to look like they could be worn both in the bedroom and at work, Yolke is also known for their playful and vibrant prints which have amassed a cult following by the It girls of social media. Cut from stretch silk, the pyjama styles will move with your body as you toss and turn through the night, and even through the day if you do choose to wear them out as a daytime casual look. Yolke also offers a classic monogramming service on all their products. They work with Hand & Lock, a London atelier who have been producing the world’s finest embroideries since 1767. Now, that’s what we call fancy.



Sleepwear is redefined over at Asceno. There seems to be an effortless nineties style that ties all their sleepwear together. Even from the pictures, the silk looks absolutely inviting – almost like an open bed with sheets comfier than Egyptian cotton. To crank up the personalisation metre, Asceno offers monogramming services that are embroidered by hand. They may be on the pricier side, but think of this as an investment leading towards snoozing in a lap of luxury in the morning. It might make getting up and facing the sun just a little bit easier. We’ll be dreaming in stripes and silk tonight.


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