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Consider These 100 Percent Basic-Free Gift Ideas For Your Other Half

Forget impractical splurges. Mark your couple milestone with these unconventional ideas, so that he can see you for the gift goddess you are.

Valentine’s Day is a day for the lovers and the loved, but like every other red-letter day that involves gifts, shopping for it can be extremely nerve-wracking, new and seasoned couples alike. While going the traditional route with chocolates, roses and stuffed animals can be quite romantic in an old-school sense, you want to be the kind of person who gives something that the other person will truly appreciate. That your beau will actually use in everyday life.

It doesn’t even have to be ridiculously expensive, either! We don’t want to be cheeseballs about this, but the store value doesn’t matter. Instead, forget the expensive watches and wallets, and look to something more personal. Something you took time to think about, something a little out of the norm.

Of course, the best way to shop for gifts for anyone, including your other half, is to suss things out well in advance. But, if it’s too late for that – which may explain why you’re reading this, we got ya’ – look to our list of unconventional yet practical gift ideas for him, for her, for both of you, really. From bespoke candles to one-of-a-kind artwork, make this year’s gift exchange one for the memories.


1. Design A Perfume

We’re sure that you probably recognise your other half’s perfume and would think of them if you were to walk past someone else wearing the same one. How cool would it be, however, if you could make a scent that only your partner would have? Jo Malone, Oo La Lab (we experimented with them here) and Sifr Aromatics provide the service of customisation. It only takes an hour on average to make one, and you could definitely do it together as a couple. If you and your beau can’t figure what scent works best, fragrance boutiques like Parfums Christian Dior and Penhaligon’s at Marina Bay Sands have fragrance profiling sessions where the staff will help you pick out the perfect off-the-shelf one for you through a series of scent tests.


2. Small Leather Goods

Card holders, pouches and notebooks are all little practical things we love and would love even more if they were made specifically for us, initials stamped on and all. Make one from scratch for your partner with workshops from Bynd Artisan, Atelier Lodge and Stone For Gold. If you’re short on time, ready-made ones with monogram services are available as well, and can be found online at places like The Daily Edited, too.


3. Scented Candles

Just like perfumes, candles in the house can really set the mood for literally anything you want. It would also make a really stylish ornament in the living room or on your bedside table. We just so happen to have the perfect guide if you’re keen on buying one here. If you want to customise one, just like the two previous gift ideas, Oo La Lab provides that service, too.


4. Cook Up A Feast

Cooking for your boo is such a romantic gesture. After all, who doesn’t love food? If you’re not too skilled with a skillet or an oven, why not take on a class that you can go together? Make bentos with Atelier Koinu or take on the challenge of baking an entire cake yourself at ABC Cooking Studio. Perhaps, you can even go for something more Valentine’s themed by making chocolate together at Anjali Chocolat. Either way, it’ll make a fun date and help you pick up a useful skill. You get to do something together, you get gift each other food and you get to eat it. All components of a date, covered.


5. Get Artsy

Even if you and your partner aren’t the creative type, there’s no harm in painting while jamming along to good music and good food. Art jamming is a thing, and is available at so many places. Arteastiq, My Art Space and Cups N Canvas are just a few that provide this workshop. When you’re done, gift it to each other, put it on display and let it become a thing you tell your kids and grandkids in the years to come. D’awww.


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