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We Found That One Chair That Has Been All Over Instagram

The latest piece of furniture making the rounds on Instagram is not just another chair. It is said to be one of the ten most important chairs in the 20th century.

When you have a tad bit too much free time on your hands, you start paying closer attention to the things around you and noticing things you normally never would have. That mole that’s always been on your arm since you were a kid; the coffee table your Mom switched out more than half a year ago; or that one missing top from years ago.

On this side of the world, we are into our second week of quarantine and I have become that hyper-observant person – admittedly, a little more on Instagram than in real life. It comes as no surprise that my screen time has more than doubled since the days of being a free roaming citizen who once had a social life to speak of. I’m on the app scrolling through the endless grid of photographs in-between meals, while I’m on the toilet (I can’t be the only one who does this), before I head to bed, when I need to catch a quick break…basically, any small pocket of time I have to fill throughout the day, my thumb gets its cardio in on Instagram.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an expert at anything. At this rate, I’d be a social media expert in, say, five years. Circling back to the part about observing the banalities, being the blossoming social media expert I am, I have picked up on a certain few common threads that run throughout the feeds of Instagram It girls. We’ve previously touched on vintage repurposed necklaces that have been everywhere on the Instagram grid and the work from home uniform of social media style mavens. Lo and behold the latest on the line-up – the Instagram chair. Yes, a chair.

The distinct tubular steel-framed chair showed itself on my feed enough times for me to take notice. Was it a longstanding furniture fixture in the picture-worthy abodes of the Insta-famous that had only come to my attention of late? My Google search came up empty.

Me: What is the chair that has been everywhere on Instagram?

Google: @everywherechairs – a small family owned and operated business, offering the largest selection of portable folding chairs on the internet.

I guess even Google hadn’t taken notice or perhaps, I should’ve paid more attention in University lectures that taught fine-tuning searches for the best results. It took me awhile but I eventually put my finger on the ubiquitous chair. If you hailed from a design background, the chair’s identity would’ve been clear as broad day light. The object in question I found out is the Wassily chair. Or at times, I presume the Wassily-inspired chair.

Originally designed in the 1920s by Hungarian-born modernist architect slash furniture designer Marcel Breuer, it is widely considered amongst the 10 most important chairs of the 20th century. In conceiving the design of the chair, Breuer is said to have been inspired by the frame of a bicycle. And its name, an ode to the painter Vasily (or Wassily) Kandinsky. Where have I been all my life to have not known the existence of the Wassily chair?

On Knoll, the Wassily chair retails for a handsome USD2,983. You can’t quite expect a piece of design history to come cheap now, can you? Scroll through the gallery to get further acquainted with the historic and now Insta-famous chair. Is this one going onto your #interiorgoals moodboard?

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