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Water Bottles That Look So Good, They Remind Us To Drink Up

Plus, you're doing the environment some good by reducing plastic bottles, all while looking ultra chic.

It’s easy to forget we aren’t cacti but actual human beings who need constant hydration. We don’t blame you though — when you’re a busy metropolitan with endless to-do lists, fulfilling even the most basic of needs can seem like a difficult task. What other way of reminding yourself to stay hydrated other than investing in a sleek, eye-catching bottle?

24 Bottles

OutKash might as well have sung about 24 Bottles, because it truly is “so fresh and so clean, clean”. We love the simplicity of the designs and especially appreciate how lightweight they are, despite being made of stainless steel (perf for keeping your drinks chilled/hot). 24 Bottles is big on sustainability too, as they’re involved in worldwide reforestation projects, making the production of their bottles completely carbon neutral.

Ceizer x Yun Yun Sun

福福 Luck Water Bottle is the most befitting name ever. We feel #blessedAF sipping from this stylish BPA-free, stainless steel shell. To top it off, it’s triple-walled, which essentially means that your mother-in-law can’t side-eye you for leaving water marks on her favourite wooden table. Condensation can no longer hurt you and your family.


Glacce is most possibly the hippest bottle ever known to mankind. It’ll inspire many curious questions, as a literal crystal almost half the size of the bottle glistens in the middle of it. Your drink will apparently harness the energy of the natural stone, which possesses its very own frequency promoting “health, wellness and harmony”. We’re not quite sure if we buy into this, but aesthetics-wise, Glacce scores a solid 10.

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