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Where to Buy the Baked Goods for the Festive Season

The dessert table is a mandatory part of the festive season. From one sweet tooth to another, we’ve cherry-picked the local bakers who satiate your need for sweet endings.

The scent of a warm Apple pie wafting through the kitchen, the gingerbread man awaiting his demise by decapitation, the white glazed sugee cake that looks like a divine creation delivered by the angels….no holiday dinner spread is complete without the baked goods. The savoury breads, the sweet treats that we’re all guilty of sneaking bites from when no one is looking.

Have you ever met someone who didn’t like bread or dessert? No? Neither have we. It’s a universal love language and we here at team Kulala consider ourselves very eloquent. While we’re no Pierre Hermé in the pastry department, we most definitely know where to get our hands on baked goodies that don’t disappoint.

With the slew of new home-baked businesses birth during quarantine, the options are endless. And from the carefully curated Instagram feeds, its quite nearly impossible to pick them apart. It all sends our salivary glands on overdrive.

That’s when you dial the foodie friend who, chances are, already has a list of tried-and-tasted recommendations. We are that friend. Scroll through the gallery for a lineup of Kulala-approved local bakers. Even if you’re not spending the holidays  with your nearest and dearest this year (no thank you, Miss Rona), why not send your love by way of a sweet parcel? From traditional bakes that might remind you of your grandma’s to modern takes on classics, we’ve covered all the bases – bearing in mind that the phone eats first of course!


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