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What Happened When I Committed To Drinking More Water

Apparently, there are reports that say you should only drink "when you're thirsty". I sought to debunk the myth, going from one glass to four. (I'm working on it!)

You know how basically every doctor and nutritionist you’ve ever met says you should drink eight glasses of water a day? For some reason – perhaps laziness – I’ve never quite believed in that. I see it as an old wives’ tale, like drying your hair before going to bed to prevent headaches.

Seeking confirmation, I did a little research on the web on found my suspicions confirmed by a report on the Huffington Post. According to a commentary by a certain Dr. Margaret McCartney, the eight-glasses-a-day law is “nonsense”. Apparently, drinking when you’re thirsty is enough.

The problem here, however, is that I’ve never been one to feel thirsty, much less been in the habit of drinking water on conscious schedule. From the amount of water I was drinking, you could say that I was probably akin to a camel. One cup a day is my average. I only ever realise that I’m dehydrated when my pee tells me so or when I develop a splitting headache from out of nowhere.

Perhaps a subconscious act of defiance against the pro-water – so I get to say “Hah! Told you so!” if nothing happens at the end of my experiment – I challenged myself to drink at least four cups of water a day, and not only during meal times. (Team KULALA’s Candice is one of the many who constantly bug me to drink more water. She is what we Chinese call a “water tank” or “shui tong”, because she literally gulps down water like no tomorrow.)

I was most excited to see if my increased intake of le aqua would make any difference to my skin. That is the most certain way to get me to do anything – just say the words “better skin”. It did, by the way. Fast forward a week, I found my skin to peel less from dryness. Other common things that people believed water would do like clearing up acne or reducing under-eye dark circles didn’t happen.

Besides peeing a lot more than I usually do, the frequency of Number Twos has increased, too. Detox, but without all those dubious slimming teas you see on Instagram. And also, sort of free. Another thing I noticed is the fact that my usually dry-to-the-bone eyes from years and years of contact lenses no longer need as much eyedrops as before. The afternoon headaches have stopped, too. I find myself unconsciously reaching for my cup now, as if I were actually craving water. Crazy, huh?

Even though my eye bags and dark circles are still there, I am probably going to keep this water routine up and see how it’ll benefit me in the long term, including how it plays along with my sodium intake. The internal changes that happened just a week in is proof enough of the benefits. Plus, if all the beautiful women we’ve interviewed thus far say that water is essential to looking and feeling good, I should probably heed their advice. Lady who said eight cups a day is “nonsense”, I no longer play for your team.

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