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5 Working Moms Tell Us How They Balance The Chaos In Their Lives

As these moms will tell you, being a supermom doesn't mean being perfect. Whether you're a mom or not, these are pieces of advice we can all learn from.

There is a lullaby that every Mandarin-speaking child learns by the time they are five and it goes along the lines of – trust us, it sounds less cheesy and more fluid in Mandarin – “in this world, only mommy is the best, the child with a mommy is like a treasure”. It is a simple song with a simple tune, but so many of us can vouch for what it means: mothers, or mother figures in your life, are truly and earnestly the best.

Mothers! Where would we be without them? Even as adults? Even after we become mothers ourselves? They wear so many hats, one often wonders if it is humanly possible to handle so many roles at once. The word “supermom” gets tossed around a lot, but as it turns out, being a supermom doesn’t equate to being the universal idea of “perfect”. Even superheroes have their struggles and imperfections. Staying in tune with May being the month for mothers errrwhere, we asked five working moms we know about how they balance roles in their lives while doing the best for their little kiddos.


AARIKA LEE (@aarikalee)

“Firstly, I feel far from calm and balanced! But, on tougher days that really take it out of me, I find that having an expressive outlet is something that helps me process everything that’s going on. Something as simple as talking to my mom, husband or fellow moms about what’s going on really helps. And, what I’ve discovered recently, now that my children are a lot more expressive and able to explain themselves, is that having some extra one-on-one time with each my kids allows me to understand what’s going on with them too. It has really helped me navigate how to approach disciplining them or teaching them certain things, and helped keep me from feeling frustrated and helpless in those tantrum-y situations.”


CHARMAINE SEAH-ONG (@eleventhour)

“So many women are consumed by the notion that they can ‘have it all’, but time and experience have taught me that that is not possible, and that it is okay to not be able to do everything! Learn to prioritise the things that are meaningful, life giving and that bring you the greatest joys as opposed to saying ‘yes’ to everything that comes your way and trying to do too much. Above all, remember to carve out time, UNPLUG, and to spend time with not just your children, but with your husband too.”


JAIME LEE (@jaim)

“Balancing and enjoying life as a businesswoman and a mom to me is about changing perspectives and expectations. You are expected to show up and give and deliver all the time, and people are counting on you to do that, and sometimes, I catch myself feeling like I need to be this perfect leader, wife and mother. I try to remember that while I give my best, I do not need to be everything or know everything, and it is important to receive and accept help, whether at work or at home. Once we stop thinking we have to meet this ‘superwoman’ standard, we can give our best without beating ourselves up for not being perfect. My advice is to find yourself avenues to recharge, to make time to do things that give you life and make you feel good about yourself. It is easy to get swept up and be overwhelmed by the obligations of a mom and feel guilty for taking time out for yourself, but your family will benefit from a happier you.”


SABRINA KIM (@sabrinakiim)

“You give your best when you are at your best, so it’s really finding a balance to spend quality time with the baby, your husband and your friends while having to make some sacrifices. For instance, my son goes to bed early everyday, so it’s mostly impossible for me to see him after work. I would rush home, but realised I would only have 10 minutes with a cranky baby after a long day at work. So, I gave that up and decided to do mornings instead. I wake up early, pop him in the walker, put on some tunes and sing to him while I get ready. Hanger and clothes all becomes play props. That way, I get a good additional 30 minutes with him, and another 30 minutes of proper playtime before running off to work.”


DEBBIE KATE LOO (@kosmickate)

“I am very blessed to have a partner and close loved ones who have given unconditional support and love. It is a rewarding life role I cherish and hope to inspire my daughter with: that it is possible to have a vision both in and out of the home.”


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