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The Cool Girl–Approved Brands to Shop Your Workout Gear From

Motivation to workout can come in many forms and as we've learnt from our favorite ladies of Instagram, self-worthy gym garb finds itself amongst the top of the list.

Getting your tush off the couch to head to workout even if it means merely walking 10 steps to your yoga mat requires a certain level of discipline and drive. You have your hot girl summer goals in mind, planned an exercise routine to get there and you’re almost all set. Then comes the hardest and most important part – the part where you actually get down to it.

If you’re new to working out, you could use all the motivation you can get to submit to the physical torture. We’ll pass on the personal trainer that’s all up in our business, though. Instead, filling our wardrobes with cute workout gear is a self-motivational route we’d gladly skippity hop down. And also you know that whole thing about if it isn’t on the ‘gram, it didn’t happen? It most definitely applies to the gym selfie. Selfie or it didn’t happen.

In the past couple of years, the realm of activewear has seen an influx of newcomers that range from sustainable labels to smaller size-inclusive brands. There’s a whole world of activewear beyond the Nike and Lululemon universes most of us have grown up with. Don’t get us wrong, we love our Nike goodies but also appreciate a change in scenery every now and then. You have to switch it up for the ‘gram.

That’s exactly where our pursuit of widening our athleticwear horizon took us – the feeds of Instagram’s leading ladies (ala Alyssa Coscarelli and Yan Yan Chan) whose workout gear ace not only the athletic but also the aesthetic part of workout wear. Not only will the fits from these brands get you moving, they would also salvage your sweaty, post-workout selfie. We’re calling it a win-win.

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices entered the market at a time when athleisure was christened as a genre of dressing. Yoga pants and sports bras were no longer just reserved for the gym. They were fast integrating into the everyday wardrobe. Naturally, Outdoor Voices lineup of inconspicuous athletic wear fell right in line with the way women were dressing. Their lineup of garments is meant to take you from the gym, through your everyday errands or as the brand’s tagline puts it – when you’re out #doingthings.


Do you know the kind of athletic wear you can lounge in for hours before you roll off your bed onto your yoga mat? Nagnata is that. The brainchild of Sydney-based sisters, Nagnata is a sustainable activewear line made from upcycled textiles, natural fabrics which also employs a unique cutting technique to commit to zero offcut waste. Rendered in flattering square necklines and in kitschy colour combinations, Nagnata’s offerings are a tad reminiscent of the uniforms of ’90s workout videos. Nostalgic yet distinctively modern at the same time, Nagnata strikes a chord with the retro enthusiasts amongst us. If you haven’t already guessed it, Alyssa Coscarelli counts herself as a fan of the brand.

Girlfriend Collective

At Girlfriend Collective, activewear is born out of recycled plastic waste. Conceived to bridge the market for sustainable activewear, the eco-conscious label prides itself on its unfaltering transparency. Everything from the make of its garments, the sources of its fabric, manufacturing practices, and just about all else is detailed on the brand’s website. Also inclusive in its sizing, Girlfriend Collective’s activewear goes up to XXL. We stan an eco-conscious, transparent, and inclusive activewear brand.

Live The Process

More than just activewear, Live The Process, as its name has it, is built around a lifestyle. Centered around the pillars of physical, emotional, intellectual and transformational wellness, the beautifully cut clothes rendered in a soothing colour palette bring a certain sense of serenity to its wearer. Calm in the midst of the chaos is entirely made possible at Live The Process.

Camilla and Marc

Born out of Sydney, Camilla and Marc is a full-fledged fashion house that has also branched out into the activewear realm. In the same way they approach high fashion, activewear at Camilla and Marc is created with a sense of timelessness in mind and tailoring prowess. Here’s where you’d find luxurious activewear that fits you like a glove and hugs you in all the right places.

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