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KULALA Weekends: The Best Food Trucks In San Francisco Right Now

We asked our newest contributor and at-the-mo San Franciscan Karen (@themodestmango) to pick out the most mouthwatering grub all the way from the Golden Gate City.

Introducing our newest contributor Karen Tang (@themodestmango)! A Szechuan-born Texas native with a New York-bred attitude, Karen is currently based in San Francisco with a big passion for spicy food and chubby kittens. When she isn’t travelling as a management consultant, she’s an avid fitness fan with a penchant for boxing and yoga. Never not eating when we’re travelling, we roped in Karen to tell us about the who’s who and the what’s what in San Francisco’s world-famous food truck scene, something we wish we had in Singapore.

There will always be an undeniable love affair between people and food. In San Francisco – or “SF” as we call it here – folks have taken the affair to the next step, creating a food truck scene with an international repute. I have lived in SF for a year now and one of the first things that caught my eye was the feel-good and Instagram-vibe culture surrounding the food trucks. From Friday night outings to mid-day lunch breaks and weekend escapades, mobile food with a diverse range of options is the perfect solution to fast yet tasteful, at times even artisanal pick-me-ups. What could be more magical than sharing yummy bites out in the open, surrounded by dimmed lights and California’s breezy weather?

So, what is actually happening within the food truck scene? To start off, there are three dominant players – Spark Social, Off The Grid and SOMA Street Food Park. Each one has 10 to 20 trucks serving deliciousness on rotation. SOMA is known for hosting theme events and performances. Off The Grid is a popular choice for Friday night food and drinks. Spark Social is the most popular, particularly known for its family-friendly atmosphere.

The food itself ranges from savoury guilty pleasures to clean eating options. Vegan-friendly choices are a must because, hello – this is SF we’re talking about. After eating my way around the scene and figuring out what is buzzing taste buds all over town, I’ve picked out some of the city’s top favourites above.

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