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Ask A Londoner: The Best Vintage Shopping Spots In London

London is chockfull of vintage, but how to filter out the best? From gloriously gaudy 80s sweaters to legit haute couture, our contributor Andrea (@fleurandrea) tells us what tops the list.

London is the city that never fails to charm in spite of its gloomy weather. Actually, throw the weather into the list of charms as well – it ain’t London if it isn’t raining. You know what else London is good for? Vintage shopping. To get the real deal, we asked Andrea Cheong (@fleurandrea) of The Haute Heel to dish the best vintage shopping spots in London, from glorious gaudy 80s sweaters to legit vintage couture. Andrea is a London-based writer and illustrator, named among Evening Standard’s Top 25 Influencers To Follow and mum to the world’s most handsome dog and rabbit.

London style is one of a kind. Far from homogenous, it’s all about eclecticism and individualism. What better way than show off your unique sense of style than rummaging around one of the city’s treasure troves. With hoards of hideaway boutiques all over, with very little else than moth eaten cardigans or flammable gaudy dresses, these are the real gems to head to if you’re looking for that something special from the past.

For high-end designers, two of the most trustworthy names on the vintage scene is House of Liza and William Vintage. From the first, expect vintage Alaia, Christian Dior and Versace – because is there really any other way? This Hoxton boutique boasts a kaleidoscope of highly sought after designer pieces, mostly from the 70s and 90s.

Willian Vintage, founded by William Banks-Blaney, on the other hand, is one of the best high-end vintage shops in the city. With a clientele that includes some of Tinseltown’s most prominent, its stock has been collected from all corners of the globe and is available exclusively online or in-store by appointment only. How could you ask for less from the suave gentleman that both British Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar have crowned “The Vintage King”? Look here for prints galore, haute couture offerings and an emphasis on Gianni Versace.

Then, there’s Annie’s. A sweet boutique in the heart of Camden Passage. It’s the dress up box of a 1930s flapper girl. Complete with racks of fur coats, collars and shawls, white lace dresses and beaded showstoppers, the most surprising thing about the boutique is it’s affordable prices.

Finally, we have Blitz London, a well-known vintage emporium, populated with inexpensive tie-dye t-shirts, leather skirts and silk blouses. Look out for its own range Remix, which offers on-trend high street alternatives. It’s definitively the best of it’s field, especially on that treacherous Brick Lane.

William Vintage
2 Marylebone St, Marylebone, London W1G 8JQ
For more information, click here.

House of Liza
9 Pearson St, Hoxton, London E2 8JD
For more information, click here.

55-59 Hanbury St, London E1 5JP
For more information, click here.

Annie’s Vintage
2 Islington High St, London N1 8ED
For more information, click here.


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