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Follow Me To Paris: How Our Couture Week With Chanel Went Down

From a front row view of the fall couture collection to the launch party of the new "Gabrielle" fragrance to an exclusive visit to the archive museum – it was nothing short of inspiring.

We will always have Paris, indeed. Barely a month after my trip to the City of Lights for Chanel’s Cruise show, I found myself back there again, this time for my first ever Couture Week experience. To say that I was excited didn’t even cut it. It was incredible being able to witness a Chanel couture collection unveil for the first time and be close enough to see every single embroidery, even more so under that magnificent recreation of the Eiffel Tower.

But more than just the couture show, my week with Chanel was a full-rounded experience. Almost like a Chanel excursion. We got to see the “Flying Cloud” collection from Chanel High Jewellery. We also visited Gabrielle Chanel’s original apartment on 31 rue Cambon for the first time – and even sat on the couch that she used to lounge on. (This is going to be in an upcoming “Room Diaries”. Yes, we’re finally bringing the series back, so stay tuned.)

Just as exciting as the couture show was the launch of the brand new Gabrielle fragrance, Chanel’s first since Chance 15 years ago. (We’ll be going more in-depth with Gabrielle when it launches in a couple of months, so look out for that as well.) At the Palais de Tokyo, we were introduced to the inspirations behind the sleek bottle and the four key notes behind the fragrance: ylang ylang, tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom.

Our adventure didn’t end there. Chanel excursion, remember? We were given special access to Chanel’s archives in Pantin, where we saw everything from original fragrance bottles to pictures and signatures by Gabrielle Chanel’s famous friends and clients, and of course, herself. Our supersized Chanel trip ended with a quick retreat at the gorgeous Ritz Paris spa with Chanel’s Grand Soin Treatment. Again, we’re not being mysterious on purpose, but do keep an eye out for our blow-by-blow of the experience. It’s not every day you get to visit a Chanel spa. (Read about our Chanel facial experience in Singapore’s Seviin at Tangs here.)

In all, an incredible experience from start to finish. See our snaps and favourite moments from the week in the visual diary above.

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