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Cold Swims And Colourful Terraces: An Italian Summer’s Diary

This time, I stepped out of Milan for a day trip in the picturesque, colourful terraces of Cinque Terre. My camera roll has never been more vibrant.

Out of all the countries I’ve visited, I must say Italy is dear to my heart and is a place I’ll never get tired. Every time I’m here, I’d fall deeper in love with the architecture, the culture and most importantly, THE FOOD. Oh, glorious parma ham and burrata, how do I live without you?

Instead of spending my time in the city, I stepped out of Milan for a day trip to the nearby Cinque Terre, which translates to five lands (but it’s really just a string of five seaside villages) of which I managed to cover three in a span of nine hours. Only a three-hour drive from the city centre, I found myself on a scenic adventure.

I started in Monterosso, where I explored the surrounding buildings and took a swim down at their beach. Everything from the steep, candy-coloured terraces to the turquoise blue harbours filled with fishing boats was picturesque. I found myself drawn to the shimmering waters, but quickly decided against swimming after my teeth started chattering within five minutes of wading in the icy ocean. Instead, I took a stroll down to a local restaurant for lunch all while soaking in the rustic charm the village exuded. Afterwards, I was transported to a quaint neighbouring town, Riomaggiore, and unable to resist the pull of the ocean, took yet another cold swim under the scorching Italian sun before proceeding to Manarola to catch the evening light up a cliff.

Although all three towns are decorated with similar colourful little houses clambering over cliff tops, each one has its own unique quirk: Monterosso her own beach, Riomaggiore her own harbour and Manarola with her own bird’s eye view of her perfectly preserved architecture. But since the towns sit on the edge of the coastline, the buildings are built on a slope, which may seem daunting at first sight. Fortunately, entering this Italian paradise proved to be no problem at all, but it’s quite literally the breath-taking experience when I’m climbing up steep slopes that lead to the main roads.

Still, no regrets. Cinque Terre, I’ll be back.

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