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Travel Guide: Everywhere We Think You Should Eat In Hong Kong

Sure, you know of the popular ones that EVERYONE goes to, but these? Consider your next food vacay to Hong Kong covered.

Coming from a city that the late and great Anthony Bourdain once called a “gastro-tourist’s heaven”, it can be hard for the born-and-bred Singaporean to find an equivalent anywhere else – well, unless we’re talking about Hong Kong. Sure, the flavours are vastly different, but the moment our feet touches its ground, it is absolutely no holds barred.

Let’s start with breakfast. You could do the typical with a very local cha chaan teng – a uniquely Hong Kong-style cafe where you can get everything from toast and scrambled eggs on the side to baked rice smothered in cheese – but let’s go even more traditional, shall we? Luk Yu Tea House is a dim sum spot decked in 1930s decor, as if right out of a kung fu classic. While they don’t have an English menu, you can order the usual dishes expected at a dim sum restaurant and they’ll probably have it. No problem at all.

For heartier meals that steers more towards Chinese cuisine, Madame Fu is an amazing restaurant with gorgeous verandahs and ambience. It may be on the pricier end, but once you give their peking duck a taste, there will be no regrets. You’ll have to make a reservation at least a day in advance, though.

Like so many other Asian cities, Japanese cuisine is revered in Hong Kong, so it should come as no surprise that the Japanese food found here is top notch. For an omakase experience, there’s Sushi Shin that feels like a second-home with its friendly staff and warm ambience. If you’re looking to accommodate larger groups of guests, Matsubishi offers fresh, personal-chef style teppanyaki menus to cater to your palate.

Say, if you’re not feeling any eastern-type of cuisine, perhaps some seafood at La Rambla would interest you? With a gorgeous view from the popular and sprawling IFC Building – and live music on certain days! – prepare to be spoilt for choice at this Spanish restaurant.

Before you get ready to call it a night, head on over to Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour. Everything from the decor, menu and down to the wait staff’s uniform has clinic-inspired influences. Strange, but just give in to it. The concept is to treat your stress and other ailments with herb or fruit-infused gin. It goes without saying that this place is a hit, so be sure to make that call before heading down.

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