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How To Be Extra Comfortable On A Plane, Even When You’re Flying Economy

Nope, nothing to do with the free flow of wine and salted peanuts. Drop them – bloating, hello – and get down with this four-step instead.

Travelling is fun. The actual act of being on the plane? Fun at first, but not after multiple flights, definitely not after you’ve been on it for more than five hours. Unless you are a regular in the business and first class cabins, you would be familiar with the sardine can that is the economy cabin. Save for the few times that you had a whole row to yourself, most flights are tales of little leg and arm room, zero circulation and stiff bones and muscles all around. Add dry, recycled plane air, crying children and snoring seat mates and you’re off to a terrible start.

Still, lemons and lemonade. While you can’t change the class on your plane ticket, you can change the situation you’re in. It is all about the hacks. First, the pre-prep. Skip the alcohol unless you want further bloating and grab your own snacks if plane food just isn’t your cup of tea. Get the flight attendants to fill up your bottle to the brim with water, so you never have to wait for those measly cups of liquid sustenance. Now, you’re ready to build your bubble.


With all that limited space available, it’s important to create your own personal bubble of peace and quiet. This is crucial to the process. Tune out the sounds you don’t like with noise cancellation earphones – they let you sleep easier than headphones – like the Beoplay E8 wireless earphones. Ah, peace and quiet. Next up, spritz on some of your favourite scents. We recommend roll on perfumes for easier application – and so you don’t piss the person next to you off.



Now that you’re in your own world of zen, give your face a good wipe down with cleansing wipes. We recommend the In Transit No Traces by This Works which is specifically formulated for travel. Breathe skin, breathe! Next, smooth on some toner to really get your skin clean, pristine and grease-free. The jury is still undecided on whether face mists are gimmicky or not, but at least on the plane, they can be a great source of instant hydration. Just make sure the smell isn’t too overwhelming before you go nuts on the spritz.




With the measly amount of water available on flights – ALWAYS BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE, REFILLS ARE FREE – your skin is probably screaming bloody murder by now. A good lip balm is of the utmost importance here to keep those pesky chapped lips at bay. The next step, skin. Lather up these moisturisers for a much needed refresher and use the Dr Sebagh De-Puff Eye Treatment to reduce the puffiness too. Alternatively, the Kora Organics Daily Ritual Kit is an easy, no-fuss set you can carry on board in a jiffy.



The last step. Some might say the most important step. Masking not only gives you 20 minutes of solid, locked-in hydration, it also helps you relax when that chilly plane air hits the moisture on the sheet mask. Next, swap out the plane pillowcases for your own silk ones. Unlike cotton, silk is the least drying material that will not leave any pillow marks. You will also feel like a queen. Get your own sleeping eye mask as well, because those on the plane are hardly the most comfortable. Finally – and we recommend to only put this on after you’re on board or you’re shoo-in for a pat down – slip on a clean thick, cushiony hoodie. It not only will keep the cold away, but it will shield your face from the nasty bacteria on plane seats, block out your peripheral vision and add extra cushioning to your pillow.


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