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KULALA World Tour: The Cruise 2020 Season

In which we jetted from Marrakech to Paris to New York to Rome and to Berlin! What a whirlwind indeed. Here's what you missed from our Cruise adventures.

When you string the words “fashion” and “week” together, the mind immediately thinks back-to-back schedules, eating on the go and just general chaos. Put the word “cruise” in front of it, though, and it is a complete shift of perspective. I think “Cruise Fashion Week” and my mind sighs a sigh of respite.

Cruise show season is possibly my favourite time of the year because it takes me on a whirlwind of adventure all over the world. At times revisiting my favourite cities, at times exploring romantic, whole new worlds. The shows are the focus, but the settings were a bonus.

The first pitstop I made was in Marrakech with Dior, where I fell in love with this breathtaking city that has won the hearts of so many before me. The moment I stepped onto the Dior jet that would fly us from Paris to Marrakech, I knew that it was going to be an experience like no other. Everything about the trip with Dior was out of this world – a beautiful hotel, Dior-themed dinners to rooftop escapades, it was a breathtaking experience. Dior’s Cruise 2020 also inspired me to explore Marrakech’s local marketplaces, where I managed to snag a few locally made artisanal rugs for my new home (more on that in a bit).

With a heartfelt goodbye to Marrakech and a personal promise to return, I was whisked off to Paris for Chanel. It was a bittersweet moment – the collection we would see being the first in a post-Lagerfeld era – but what a way to honour his legacy with a collection that was nothing short of refreshing, elegant, modern sheer perfection with decade-crossing references and the punchiest of colours.

Are you keeping up? Because we’re not quite done yet. Right after Chanel was a quick trip to the Big Apple. As always, New York’s only New York for me when I get my fried chicken and Chipotle. I love my New York fixes so much that I grabbed them on my way to Louis Vuitton’s show, held at the majestic TWA Flight Center. It was like we had stepped out of time and into space.

A quick stop in Singapore to snuggle with my baby Luca, before I was off again, this time to Rome for Gucci, armed with an invite in the form of a book that was actually printed in the 1800s. At the colossal Capitolini Museum with torchlights in hand, we saw Gucci taking a stand in our current times with a message that was impossible to ignore.

We then made a day trip to Positano for… well, for ourselves. It is the cruise season, right? So, why not have a little vacation ourselves? Recharged and refuelled, we then jetted down to Berlin, ending the season with Max Mara. Berlin’s not a place I visited often, so I made sure to immerse as much as I could into the city, biking through parks and admiring the city’s clash of old and new architecture.

And with that, my adventure came to a close. What a month. It was insane, but it was also vastly enriching. Let me know which show was your favourite, and which of these cities we visited is on your travel bucket list for the year!

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