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KULALA Guide: Confessions Of A Last Minute Packer

Always throwing things into your luggage hours before your flight? We show you how to be a pro at it so you'll never forget to pack your necessities again.

Ideally, I’d love to be someone who has her luggage packed well before stepping on the plane, especially when I’m on longer trips. However, that’s hardly ever the scenario. There have even been times when I’ve had to literally throw things into my luggage because I have to rush to a meeting before heading to the airport. No time to fold and roll! So, yes, I am a last minute packer, guilty as charged. Over the years though, I’ve found certain tips and tricks that have helped me in the packing process to ensure that I’ve got all my necessities, even on occasions where I have just an hour or two before leaving.


Store all your necessary products from your daily skincare routine into a see-through bag. That way, you can just grab and go without the risk of forgetting anything. If you’re not going anywhere, having them all in a bag means you can easily bring it to your bed or the couch without having to juggle all the bottles and jars in your hands.



The same principle applies here. If you’ve got it all in one place, you can just take it and chuck it into your luggage. Vanity cases work better because they come with compartments and they’re more structured than pouches. That way, everything stays in place so you don’t end up with a mess when you arrive at your destination. (I love the makeup boxes from Muji.)



Forget a wire or a battery charger and suddenly you feel like you’ve lost a limb. Again, I like to store everything electronic-related – except my laptop and cameras – into a bag. If you’re particularly forgetful, it helps to have two sets of wires: one for home use and one for travel, all packed in a bag.



This is obvious, but what if you don’t have time to think of a week’s worth of outfits because you have to leave for the airport in two hours? If you’re very picky about your travel wardrobe and know you’re going to end up being a last minute packer, plan way before hand. Take pictures, then just grab them on the day itself and start packing. That way, you don’t overpack and you don’t stress, all very helpful when you’re rushing to pack. When it comes to fashion week, I have the habit of packing my looks into ziplock bags so I know exactly where every piece for each look is. It helps to save space, too. (Just remember to squeeze all the air out.)



Even with careful planning, wardrobe emergencies can still happen. In case it does, I like to bring along basics that easily go with everything I already have: a white shirt, turtlenecks in black and white if it’s going to be chilly, white sneakers, jeans in blue and black (I always love a good pair of vintage Levi’s), a white t-shirt and denim cut-offs if it’s going to be hot. All my small accessories like rings, bracelets and chokers are already stored in a bag, even when I’m at home, so I can just take it whenever I need it. Do you see a pattern here?



Really. Every time someone asks me if I have a secret to packing my luggage quickly during months when I have to travel quite a bit, I always say ziplock bags. My shoes, clothes, skincare, electronics – EVERYTHING. Don’t buy the flimsy ones. Get the more durable ones in A3 size. Those can fit even shoes and will last you for months.



If you’re a frequent flyer and you don’t mind leaving an open luggage lying around the house, just take out your laundry and leave the rest behind. This is especially helpful when the breathing spaces between trips are quite short. #livingoutofasuitcase


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