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Travel Guide: Everywhere We Think You Should Eat In London

You know our criteria: good food, good vibes and plenty of opportunities to fill up that camera roll.

When we explore cities on work trips, we typically like to pick places that allow us to kill multiple metaphorical birds with one metaphorical stone. That means good photo spots, food, shopping and sightseeing all in one, so we get both work and play done. Thankfully in beautiful, bustling London, that’s basically everywhere. Because we want you to make the most out of your next trip to London town, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite spots from our recent jaunt there that we think you should check out.

Notting Hill is a good place to start, what with its pastel coloured houses, Portobello Market and food stalls. We also love the very chill Farm Girl Cafe, though if the vegan life isn’t your thing and you’d rather sink your teeth into Yorkshire pudding than an acai coconut bowl, you may want to give it a miss. Treat yourself to a week’s worth of Instagram content at Columbia Flower Market, but don’t forget to check out the little bakeries and cafes amid the towering piles of flowers as well.

We’ve come to realise that restaurants and cafes covered in flowers and potted plants are a thing in London, which is perfect because they make everything look about three and a half times better. Aubaine Selfridges looks like a page out of The Secret Garden, while Bourne & Hollingsworth gave us plenty of rustic interior decorating ideas. It is a little out of Central London and you will have to make a reservation days in advance, but just the glasshouse section alone makes it all worth it. Finally, that pink cafe you saw on Instagram. Yes, we’re getting there. Peggy Porschen is the one place we will keep going back to not just because it is pink and covered entirely with pink flowers on the outside, but because the cupcakes and genuinely good. Just the right amount of sweetness with an array of flower teas to boot.

For something a little more upscale, Berners Tavern at The London Edition will fill your camera roll as quickly as it will your stomach. There’s good old Sketch as well, but again, make sure you book way, way in advance because getting a seat here is a challenge. If you’re done with these frou-frou places and just need a quick snack by the street, head on down to Covent Garden’s Udderlicious, where it is impossible to settle on just one flavour of ice cream.

Because we’re so hopelessly Asian and we need Asian food once every few days or our systems go haywire, we also ate thrice at China Tang, an authentic Cantonese restaurant tucked away in the basement of The Dorchester. To find it, you have to locate an unassuming door in the hotel’s main lobby and go down a couple of stairs. The restaurant’s 1930s-style washrooms also play poems and audio books over the air as you go about your business. It makes little sense, but it’s hilarious all the same. If you need Japanese food in your system, there’s the cosy Tsujiki Sushi at The Westbury that serves unpretentious sashimi and sushi, and Nobu, where traditional Japanese cuisine elements go fusion.

Duck & Waffle and Burger & Lobster are the obvious choices for dinner, especially if you’re visiting London for the first time, but we also loved Chiltern Firehouse for its fusion food, artisanal desserts and gorgeous gothic exterior. Apparently, Chiltern Firehouse is a celebrity hotspot not unlike L’Avenue in Paris, but we didn’t spot anyone. Probably too engrossed in the grilled octopus and crab doughnut balls covered in powdered sugar. Thanks to Michael Kors, we also got to pop by the extremely happening and very exclusive Loulou’s, where it’s all prim and proper on the first floor – no photos here, though – and part-Art Deco, part-chintzy, part-psychadelic, part-baroque in the basement. There’s a glittery rainbow dance floor in one room and a stuffed giraffe in another. Is this Wonderland?

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