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Everywhere We Think You Should Eat In New York City

We're not saying no to burgers and bagels. But if ever you crave something else between visits to SoHo and Times Square, these will not disappoint.

Ah, New York City. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of – and where the burgers and milkshakes are delicious beyond comprehension. No matter how busy our schedules get during fashion week, we will always find time for two things: Chipotle and Shake Shack. We will not get on the plane until a morsel from both of these establishments have entered our mouths.

Still, there is no end to the variety of deliciousness that the Big Apple has to offer, and while we cannot talk about the Chipotles and Shake Shacks of the city enough, your gastronomy vocabulary should not be limited to them alone. It so happens that we were particularly adventurous this season at New York Fashion Week. Frou frou restaurants that just happen to be easy on the eyes to authentic Asian spots – you can trust us on this, because we’re hella picky – we have emerged from fashion week with a long list.

The obsession with millennial pink is real, so any pink pastel restaurant will get anybody’s vote. Cafe Henrie is where you can have your avocado toasts and acai bowls on pink sixties diner style tables, and Cha Cha Matcha serves a bevy of matcha-centric drinks and confections amid neon signs, pink walls and matcha puns. (“I love you so matcha!” is a personal favourite.) Little Italy’s Pietro Nolita is almost pink everything on the inside, but its full menu makes it more than Instagram bait. Don’t give two hoots about the pink and just want a good cup of Joe? Try Mud.

If we had a New York equivalent of our “Where The Fashion Crowd Eats In Paris” list, Sant Ambroeus and Le Cou Cou at the wildly popular 11 Howard Hotel in SoHo will be on that list. These restaurants – one Italian, one French – have the ambience and taste locked down. Sant Ambroeus even has its own hall of fame: a brick wall covered with porcelain plates signed by everyone from Ansel Elgort to Grace Coddington. For something a bit more magical, a tiny bit of respite from the city’s chaos if you will, NoMo Kitchen at NoMo SoHo lets you dine on Mediterranean-American cuisine in a glass house setting. (Though you can always go the old-fashion, very New York way of eating on a rock in Central Park.)

The one Michelin-starred Musket Room is a little different with its New Zealand-influenced fare – we had the smoked scallops and arctic char and it was basically heaven – but if chill is what you seek, a kind of place where you don’t have to switch forks and plates every time you try a new dish, Tacombi Fonda Lolita just next door is exactly it with its raw floors, neon lights and vintage vans.

We finally arrive at the main event – Asian food. Take the girl out of Asia but you can’t take Asia out of the girl and all that shebang. MissKOREA BBQ in Korea Town is good for a nice spot of tofu stew in the cold of the night while EN Japanese Brasserie in West Village is where to head to for authentic sashimi, sushi, udon, tempura, the works.

When we’re halfway across the world – 20 hours by flight to be exact – nothing comforts us like Chinese food. Real Chinese. Not the ones you eat out of take-out boxes. Drunken Dumpling is one of the few places in the city to serve giant xiao long baos (or steamed soup buns), though you shouldn’t overlook the crab and pork soup dumplings as well. China Blue serves lovely Shanghainese food in a cosy, bustling setting – please do yourself a favour and order the drunken chicken and sweet chicken with chestnuts – but Hakkasan is possibly our favourite out of the entire list. It has a strange name that sounds almost Japanese, but we guarantee that the Cantonese food it serves is authentic right down to the turnip bits in the lo bo gao (fried turnip cake).

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