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Follow Me To Paris: My #PFW Travel Diary

Croissants for breakfast, strolls along the Seine, lunch on Avenue Montaigne – how can a city be this beautiful?

If you’ve been following me on SnapChat and Insta Stories, you would know that I was down with a very bad case of the flu during Paris Fashion Week. My fellow infected show-goers speculated that it  – we ended up calling it the “fashion flu” because so many people got it – might have had something to do with the erratic Parisian weather. It was sunny and sometimes even warm in the day, but windy and cold at night. Paris was literally blowing hot and cold.

Still, not even bad weather can distract me from the steadfast beauty of Paris. Every trip is a different experience. It just never gets old, you know? I already have 4343234 pictures of the Eiffel Tower in my phone, for example, but that didn’t stop me from adding a hundred more last week. And that incredible Parisian sky! What magic do the clouds hold that allow the skies to look like that?

While this season was as busy as the previous ones, we found some small pockets of time to stroll along the Seine, the streets in Les Marais and, of course, Avenue Montaigne. Shopping had to be done, flu or no flu. We even took a day to visit the tranquil and picturesque Grasse, famous for being the heart of perfumes in France. (Our hotel in Nice, which was just by the French Rivera, wasn’t too shabby either.)


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