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What’s In My Luggage – The Seoul Edition

What's a last minute packer got to do the survive a summer in Seoul?

Scenario: It’s less than 24 hours to your flight and you’re still out. Your friends, ever so concerned, wonder if you should go home early to start packing your luggage. Your shrug them off, casually replying, “Tccch, last minute packing is MY kind of thing.” You arrive home, pull out our luggage from the storage and pull a blank. You realise your flight is less than six hours away and you have absolutely no clue what to bring along with you. Curse your overconfidence.

Sound familiar?

Trust me, I’m a serial last minute packer and I still find myself asking the age-old question almost every single time as I stare at my wardrobe and my empty Rimowa. “What the hell am I going to bring?”

In a situation like this, I revert back to my idea of a capsule wardrobe. If you find yourself absolutely clueless at what to bring on your next short holiday, perhaps the following may be of help.

I always, always pack a couple of t-shirts, at least one plain, one printed and one with a little bit of detail. They’re good for days on outdoor shopping strips and markets in the summer, and you can easily dress them up with a jacket or some tailored pants. Shirts, one coloured and one white, make excellent capsule pieces. Just make sure there’s an iron or a steamer where you’re headed.

I also bring dresses just in case I have dinners or events, or if I feel particularly girl. It’s rare, but it happens. Slips are extremely handy because they don’t take much space in your luggage and can be layered over t-shirts for a more casual spin. I bring along a more “structured” dress as well just in case a slip’s too slinky for whatever I’m going to (I brought along this Stella McCartney dress. Cut-outs = Ventilation). As always, denims are a must. I bring two pairs of jeans in different shades or colours and my ratty old denim cut-offs that has been worn to near-death.

Finally, shoes and accessories. You all know how much I love hats and sunglasses, so I always bring at least three or four hats along with me (that particular straw hat included) and about…543855 pairs of sunglasses. They’re both instant outfit fixers in my opinion. Hats a little bulky sometimes, but justifiable if you stuff your bits and bobs into them, like bandanas, scarfs, undies, medication, skincare etc. For styling purposes, I bring along a small Ziploc bag of rings and necklaces instead of choosing a specific few. That, you can also stuff into your hats. See, it works out! As for shoes, I go to my usual – sneakers and loafers for more casual and comfier (read: flight-friendly) options, a pair of black boots for easy styling and a pair of coloured shoes for variety.

And a final tip – if you really, really want to scrimp on space, wear a tracksuit to the airport and use that as your PJs. Well, it helps that tracksuits are super-duper-uper in now.


(Disclaimer: Things like gadgets, toiletries and intimates are missing from the luggage for obvious reasons, but that really is my luggage, I promise!)

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