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People & Places: Tina Leung, New York City

No one knows the greatest city in the world like a New Yorker. Our pal Tina Leung (@tinaleung) tells us her favourite haunts, including one rather unexpected – but practical! – pick.

You can travel to a city all you want, but when it comes to finding the best that it has to offer, nothing beats getting it straight from the horse’s mouth. That is, asking a local to spill all the deets. Whether you’re schmoozing on the streets of Paris or eating your way through Hong Kong, we want you to make the most out of your trip by skipping the mediocre and going to the best restaurants, watering holes and chill spots. Not a tick of time to waste is our philosophy when it comes to travelling. Enter People & Places, a travel series where we ask our pals from around the world to list five of their favourite local haunts that they think you should check out when you’re on their home turf.

After a long column hiatus, we kick off the season with the unceasingly edgy – and our friend – Tina Leung (@tinaleung)! Formerly based in Hong Kong, Tina now calls New York City her home. While we’ve done our own New York City travel guide – who are we kidding, it was more of a food guide – we love a New Yorker’s perspective when it comes to this gritty, magnificent city that never sleeps. Take it away, Tina!

Paul’s Baby Grand

161 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013

“For cute drinks, cute songs and cute waitresses!”

Pinch Chinese

177 Prince Street
New York, NY 10012

“My go-to for Chinese food! I love Bao and China Blue, too.”

Japas 38

9 E 38th Street
New York, NY 10016

“For karaoke and delish Japanese food. Slurp and sing away!”

Opening Ceremony

35 Howard Street
New York, NY 10013

“My favourite place to shop in NYC!”

1 on 1 Chiropractic

62 E 1st Street
New York, NY 10003

“My sweet Dr. Nancy Hsu fixes me up every time I come back all tangled up from trips. She combines both Eastern and Western methods – whatever your body needs! And, she always has Haribou candy on hand!”


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