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Travel Guide: Everywhere We Think You Should Eat In Tokyo

Genki Sushi and Ichiran aside, these are the restaurants to be in when you're in Tokyo. Everything from traditional sweets to the best handmade tofu that will make your tastebuds sing.

It can get very confusing in Tokyo. Half the streets look similar and it’s easy to lose yourself between skyscrapers and confusing names. If it’s your first time there, you might be intrigued by the themed restaurants and animal cafés that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. But, if you’ve had the wonderful opportunity of visiting Tokyo before, we have a few non-touristy Japanese restaurants that will bring your tastebuds to another universe.

Starting with something light and refreshing, can we interest you in a bowl of udon? On the eighth floor of Isetan lies Utaandon, a restaurant that specialises in udon dishes, often paired with succulent tempura. If you’re looking for a walk-in omakase experience that won’t deplete your cash, we have Sushi Matsue, located inside a very narrow and obscure building on one of the streets of Roppongi. Affordable and delicious, a trait about Tokyo we just love so much.

For a casual, laid-back evenings with friends, having shabu shabu at Shabu Zen will make an enjoyable night. After dinner, we suggest taking a nice stroll down the bustling street of Shibuya, and even snap a few pics at Japanese photo booths – also known as Purikura – for a memorabilia. Right along that street, there’s also an Izakaya by the name of Teppen Onnadojo that serves up amazing yakitori and the staff will go the extra mile to sing and dance for you if it happens to be your birthday. Japan, oh, Japan.

Sometimes, going a bit fancier for a special occasion can seem like a good choice, unless you’re talking about impossible-to-reserve Michelin Star restaurants. Which is why we present to you two very special locations that will leave everyone in awe. Then again, it isn’t hard to find good food in Tokyo. For a more private dining experience, Hakatanaka offers a good set menu with small tasting dishes and shabu shabu. The sweet potato dessert is amazing if you’re into those. Another restaurant with fantastic food is the Tofuya Ukai Ukai, nestled within a beautiful garden, right below the Tokyo Tower. They specialise in tofu, serving it up in handmade soups, deep-fried and other variations. A truly gorgeous, Insta-worthy dining experience.

A food guide is never complete without some dessert, right? At Urasando Garden in the Omotesando district, lies a very quaint dessert place that houses four different shops. Ice cream, pancakes and dango, you’ll be spoilt for choice. They also have the popular raindrop cake that tasted very refreshing and not too sweet, along with the fluffiest, just the fluffiest pancakes you will ever find.

Update: We recently revisited this amazing city, and we couldn’t help but wander into new corners. To add to this list, the sushi restaurant we went back for two nights in a row – Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime. It’s located at the old Tsujiki Fish Market (they recently moved to a new location) and serves up mouth-watering dishes that will keep you wanting for more. They also have another branch at Mitsukoshi Ginza departmental store if you find their main store too inconvenient.

For anyone who has developed a headache from thinking of a restaurant to impress someone with strict dietary preferences (i.e. vegan), the upscale restaurant located in the Tokyo Shiseido Ginza Building that goes by the name of Faro, has set meals that will change your perspective on vegan dishes. Vegan mozzarella, crème brûlée and even marshmallow. It’s a delectable and delightful experience.

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