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5 Korean Drama and Pyjama Pairings to Stay in With

There's no better time than now to cosy up in the comfiest of your pyjamas and binge watch the much raved about K-dramas. From romance to crime and thriller, take your pick!

At this point, most of us have spent more time at home in these few weeks than we might have in months. Now that the days you might once have wished you had to do little else than be a one with your bed or couch are finally here, what do you really do with all the spare time? Have you deep cleaned your entire house? Organised your wardrobe? Journaled the years of your life you have glazed over?

It turns out that kicking back and doing a whole lot of nothing can be quite the challenge. Alas, social distancing is a golden opportunity to indulge in the guiltiest of your pleasures without the little voice at the back of your head egging you to be productive (read: it’s prime time to get sucked into the vortex of Korean dramas). Even if you haven’t been swept off your feet by the Korean wave, it would’ve reached you in some capacity – all the more after “Parasite” bagged an Oscar earlier this year.

Of late, everyone and their grandmother seem to be obsessed with the South Korean drama “Crash Landing On You”. It has also become the topic of discussion in my WhatsApp groups, “I think I have bawled my eyes out till it’s swollen,” said one friend. “I think I might have cried for an hour straight,” shared another. That is precisely the allure of Korean dramas. It tugs at your heart strings, making you feel things you never have. I’m warning you, once you dive into one of these K-dramas, you might have a hard time peeling yourself away from the screen. Your 5344434th trip to the refrigerator could totally wait, am I right?

Cosy up in your pyjamas and hit start on one of these highly-raved about K-drama series. Oh, and don’t forget the tissues.

Crash Landing on You

The latest release of the lot, “Crash Landing on You” has taken the world by a storm. Released earlier this year, the South Korean drama has already gone on to become the second highest rated drama in Korean television history. An emotional rollercoaster supported by a stellar narrative arc, “Crash Landing on You” will take you on a journey that will have you laugh, cry and feel everything in between. If you’re a sucker for love, this one is definitely for you.

crash landing on you and pyjamas

Princess Hours

You could think of this as the Korean equivalent of “Princess Diaries”. In both narratives, a common girl finds herself unexpectedly thrown into royalty and is left to navigate an unfamiliar territory. “Princess Hours” basically sees the dream of every teenage girl’s dream of becoming a princess play out onscreen. And of course, no story of a princess is complete without her run-ins with a prince charming. An endearing, light-hearted tale, this 2006 release will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

princess hours and pyjamas


A supernatural-slash-period drama, “Kingdom” is an adaptation from a webcomic series,”The Kingdom of the Gods”. An alternative to the stereotypical romance-led K-drama plot, “Kingdom” tells the tale of one prince’s mission to trace the origins of a mysterious plague that sweeps across the nation’s southern provinces. It is Korea’s answer to “The Walking Dead”, if you will. With “Kingdom”, you’re signing up for horror, zombies and the apocalypse. You have been warned.

Extraordinary You

Throw fantasy into the mix and any tale of romance becomes that much more alluring. “Extraordinary You” follows the narrative of a high school girl who discovers that she’s living in a world of comics. Unsatisfied with her pre-determined fate by the comic book’s writer, she sets out to rewrite her life. If you were to dissect the layers of “Extraordinary You”, you’d realise it is a lot deeper than just being another romantic drama. One that questions existentialism and fate, this one will leave you contemplating life.


Based on real unsolved murder mysteries, Signal is a riveting investigative crime thriller. A mysterious walkie talkie functions as a gateway between the past and the present, in the process, bringing three detectives together. With combined knowledge from the past and of the present, the detectives crack one case after another but not without unintended consequences that follow. You’d  catch yourself at the edge of the seat with this one. Another highly-acclaimed series, “Signal” also went on to become one of the highest rated series in Korean cable television history. What To Read Next: Where to Buy the Vintage Repurposed Necklaces You’re Seeing Everywhere on InstagramBeauty Wars: From Cult-Favourites to the Newly Released, Our List of Tried-and-Tested Concealers and This Year’s Met Gala Being Postponed Has Us Feeling Nostalgic Cover Image: Qide Sim.

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