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5 Ways to Make Loungewear Work for the Office

Not so ready to leave the comfort of the sweaters and pyjama tops we've been living in at home, we reach a compromise between formal wear and loungewear.

What are real clothes even? Trousers? Shirts? Dresses? Dressing up as we know it now means slipping into  an oversized t-shirt from Entireworld or loungewear coord from Pangaia. Warm, fuzzy sweaters and sweatpants have become the stuff most of us live in. And the only stuff most of us have added to our carts in months.

Now that the return to the “real” world beckons as countries ease into a new normal, we’re not quite ready to retire loungewear from our wardrobes. Besides, we’ve barely gotten enough wear out of our quarantine shopping haul. If you’re returning to work in the coming weeks and aren’t ready to part with the clothes that are at this point your second skin, you really don’t have to – save for if you have a strict corporate dress code to adhere to.

Otherwise, flex your styling chops. There’s plenty of room for play within the “smart casual” arsenal. Step away from the stereotypical uniform of rigid button-ups, pussy-bow blouses and straight-leg trousers. Instead, reach for your loungewear favourites. Now that life as we once knew has become a thing of the past and comfort now finds a valuable place in our post-quarantine lives, it’s only natural for our wardrobes to follow suit. We show you the way to appropriate your loungewear for the office. It might take some getting used to but once you’ve settled into these mix-and-match outfit combinations, trust us, you’ll never look back.

The oversized sweater and pencil skirt combination never gets old. It’s casual up top and business at the bottom. If you like to keep it classic, opt for pared back pencil skirts in black or nude but if you’re one to capitalise on the latter half of “smart casual”, step into bolder hues or go all out in patterns.

What makes or breaks a cardigan look is its fit. You’d ideally want to go oversized with cardigans but if you’d prefer something true to size, opt for finer knits. Tuck them into midi skirts and you’re good to go! Have in mind, you want to steer clear from the old librarian aesthetic.

The possibilities are endless with an oversized t-shirt. To double up on the formality, layer a turtleneck underneath or throw a blazer or tailored vest over.

We love us a pyjama top but not so much looking like we might have just rolled out of bed. For the office, stay away from pyjama co-ords and switch out the bottom for a tailored alternative. Silk or satin button-ups from the bedroom need just a touch of that boardroom realness.

When approaching the camisole, you want to channel Phoebe Philo era Céline or The Row. Pair your camisole with languid, wide-legged trousers to exude an understated elegance. Leave it untucked for an ala Olsen-twin silhouette which is trés chic and incredibly forgiving.

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