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A Beginner’s Guide to Brewing Cafe Quality Coffee at Home

A step-by-step breakdown of exactly what you'll need and what to do to create your perfect brew from the comfort of your home. P.S. No fancy equipment required!

Remember when grabbing that cuppa coffee to go enroute to the office was a pivotal part of your morning ritual? In the past two months of staying at home, while the foodies amongst us have blossomed into not so serious amateur chefs ala @yoyofoodlala, the coffee enthusiasts have turned struggling, amateur baristas in pursuit of perfecting the morning cup of Joe and not forgetting, the Dalgona whip.

Fellow coffee snobs would know instant mixes straight out of a packet or granules from a bottle fall short, and we mean VERY short, of cafe standards. Yet, not every coffee enthusiast might be ready to shell out hundreds or have the real estate on their countertop for a fancy coffee machine. To the coffee addicts out there, here’s good news – there are  ways you to go about brewing your own caffeine concoction at home sans mind-boggling gadgets.

Before we get into the how-to, let’s start with the basics. A good brew starts with quality coffee beans. Where the beans are from, how long they are roasted and how they are processed are some of what will affect the taste profile of your brew. We’d highly suggest speaking to local baristas or roasters to better understand the preparation method ideal for coaxing the flavour profile out of the coffee beans of your purchase. Trust the professionals.

Taking our own advice, we sought out food photographer extraordinaire C.R Tan who is as much of a maestro in the kitchen as he is behind the lens for a beginner’s guide to making the perfect brew at home. Can you already imagine the aroma of coffee beans wafting through the air in the morning? Ah, heavenly.


Timemore Hand Grinder
V60 Coffee Dripper
Coffee Kettle
Coffee Server
Water Thermometer (optional)
V60 Filter Paper


1. For 1 cup of coffee, you may use 12g to 16g of coffee beans, I prefer 14g and a ratio of 1:15 would yield 210g of coffee after brewing. Hand grind the coffee as per roaster’s recommended size.

2. Next, pre-wet/preheat the filter paper, V60 coffee dripper and server using hot boiling water. This will help to wash away any unwanted notes from the filter paper and also keep the coffee warm and retain the aroma better when freshly brewed.

3. Transfer the freshly ground coffee into the V60 dripper on the server on a weighing scale. 

4. Measure the boiled filtered water temperature with a thermometer, I like to brew at 95C most of the time. Start pouring in circular motion to pre-wet the grounds for the first 50g (using the weighing scale), this stage is when the coffee grinds are blooming, and we usually wait for about 20-30 secs before continuing pouring in the hot water. Some brewers prefer to use a spoon to stir the grinds for a more even blooming extraction but it really depends on the personal preference and brewing style.

5. Next, pour in circular motion (inwards to outwards) with a steady stream till it reaches 120-140g), and wait for 20-30 secs again before finishing with the same motion till it reaches 210g. The whole process should take about 2 to 3 minutes. 

6.Enjoy! It is also interesting as it cools down, the tasting notes will change as well!

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