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A Playbook of Ideas to Keep a Toddler Entertained at Home

Keeping a toddler entertained indoors throughout the day might just no longer be mission impossible.

You don’t quite know, KNOW short attention span until you have spent an entire day with a toddler brimming with energy. I have my work cut out for me with Sir Luca, especially now that regular routines have come to a halt with the pathogen making its world tour.

Now that trips to the playground, picnics at the park and days at the beach have to be put on hold temporarily, I have had to get creative with keeping Sir Luca preoccupied indoors. One of the things that I firmly believe in as a parent is limiting screen time. The iPad surely works wonders but I’d rather Luca engage in more stimulating, hands-on playtime that is still just as much fun for a young, inquisitive mind.

Toys are a big part of creating space for play indoors. At home, Sir Luca has an entire playroom to keep him preoccupied during the day. When I’m shopping for toys, there are a couple of things I have in mind. Needless to say, safety precedes all else. I prefer  to purchase wooden toys that are of a higher quality. Not only are they safer for a toddler, they are also more durable and better for the environment – a win-win situation for all. I also reach for toys that promote problem-solving and thinking which are so important in these developmental years. To fostering creativity and imagination, I have also introduced play pretend into Sir Luca’s mix of toys. His wooden kitchenette where he spends a fair bit of time cooking up a storm is a case in point. He must’ve gotten it from his mama, Chef Yoyofoodlala.

Being a new mom, the dizzying array of toys available in the market can get rather overwhelming. I have been in your shoes and I completely feel you. Speaking from some level of experience (disclaimer: I am by no means an expert), here are some of what I have found to work best at keeping the restlessness at bay for Sir Luca. I could leave him to his own devices for a good 15 minutes – I think that’s a big win for any parent. What are some of the tips and tricks that you have up for sleeve to deal with toddlers? I’d love to hear in the comments section below!

Bringing the outdoors in

While you can’t head out to play, there are certainly no rules stopping you from bringing the outdoors in for your kid. Remember the days when you grew up pretending like a basin filled with water was a pool? An inflatable pool, a touch closer to reality than a pail or a basin, is great fun for a toddler and a whole lot safer than an actual swimming pool. It’s a great way to easing kids into water play before diving into the deep end with a trip to the swimming pool. Find one that is a good size for your home and you’re all set to keep your kid entertained for hours at home. I had trouble tearing Sir Luca away from his inflatable pool.

Adopting KidZania at home

If you’re unfamiliar with KidZania, it’s an indoor theme park designed for kids. However, the KidZania experience isn’t the stereotypical fare where kids go on rides and binge on cotton candy. Inside, they get to try their hands at an entire range of adult occupations from working at MacDonalds to being a doctor. If your kid is a tad too young for that, play sets at home are a great place to start. The Better Toy Store and Pupsik Studio are my go-to to purchase these sets for Sir Luca. Crafted from wood, these exceed my expectations in durability. These are toys you’d be able to donate down the road or save for your next kid.

Challenging them with problem-solving

  In the developmental years, problem-solving is an important skill set for kids to learn. There are toys specifically built to prompt them to think deeper. I’ve found wooden blocks, shape-sorters, puzzles to be great for Sir Luca in training his level of concentration. I’d say these toys are my favourite of the lot as they double up as display around the playroom. I recently discovered Scandinavian brand OYOY which has a selection of the cutest plushies and wooden toys. Not too sure about Sir Luca but I can’t get enough of these myself.


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