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A Tech Newbie Investigates Everyone’s Apple Watch Obsession

I finally get it.

Before I get crucified on the internet by very passionate Apple fans, I’ll preface this by saying that I count myself as one. I’m a proud owner of a MacBook, iPhone, AirPods, iPad…the full works. On the day of a product launch conference, I’m there for it – ears perked up and eyes wide open. It really doesn’t take that much convincing for me to get behind anything Apple. Almost anything, save for the Apple Watch.

I’ve third-wheeled conversations between friends as they waxed lyrical about their full-blown love affairs with their Apple Watches, seen countless unboxing videos on the ‘gram yet I wasn’t the least bit inclined to it. Rather unusual for someone who has bought into questionable Instagram ads time and again. They just get me every time, dammit, but that’s a story for another time.

Perhaps, my lack of interest stemmed from the fact that I mostly relied on my phone to tell the time. Why would I watch to tell the time when my iPhone and I have been doing just fine. Or so I thought until I took the Apple Watch Series 6 for a test drive last week. For starters, it’s not just a watch. It’s a health and fitness tracker, communication device, 911 on the wrist, an iPod, and GPS all in one. Where do I even begin?

It felt like I had entered a sci-fi world – when did a smartwatch, well, get so smart? I was half-expecting a hologram to project from the watch face just as it would in the movies. That didn’t happen but I did, however, get to design my own avatar – how frickin’ cool. Before we get to the actual functionalities, let’s discuss the look of the watch. I opted for the Milanese loop, a felxible lightweight metal mesh, that sits on my wrist so comfortably. A girl loves options and with the Apple Watch, you can switch out the straps as you please. I know I already have my eyes set on the leather Hermès band for casual errand-running days. Can you tell? Only a week into test-driving my first Apple Watch and I’m never turning back.

The Apple Watch boasts plenty of functions that had me in absolute awe. For instance, the watch’s ability to monitor blood oxygen levels and it’s intuitive technology that calls for emergency medical help when a hard fall is detected. My favourite, however, has to be its new Family Setup Plan. Being a mom, this new feature is god sent. Rather than buying my now two-year-old a smartphone down the road, an Apple Watch would suffice. After all, the only feature any kid would need is the call function on a phone. The Apple Watch covers the base. Not only that – it also allows parents to quite literally keep watch on the whereabouts of their kid. It shouldn’t be that hard convince a kid to keep on an Apple Watch – every kid gets fascinated by anything that lights up. For now, I’m more than happy to keep my watch for myself.

I finally get it now – everyone’s obsession with the Apple Watch. Be right back, going to schedule lunch with my Apple Watch-loving pals stat!

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