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Conversations: Ariana Grande’s Makeup Artist Shows Us the Way to Cat Eye Purr-fection

Everything you need to know about getting your eyeliner on fleek!

Winged eyeliner is one of those things most people have a love-hate relationship with. Love on the days when the cat eye comes out on fleek. Hate on the days when, try as you might, purr-fection is simply out of reach. Even with years of makeup experience on hand, a flawless cat eye is about the hardest thing to nail.

Mastering the art of the eyeliner takes knowing the right technique and being equipped with the right tools. Before you begin to attempt to perfect the flick ala the Princess of Pop Ariana Grande or the inimitable Cleopatra, you’d first need to get your hands on a fine-tip eyeliner – KVD Vegan Beauty’s Tattoo Liner never fails us. Then, comes the tricky part. You need to figure out how to draw the liner to compliment shape of your eye. All this makeup speak but how do you actually go about acing the technique? Follow close. Take your position in front of the mirror and follow KVD Vegan Beauty’s North American Cat Eye Ambassador Daniel Chinchilla’s step-by-step winged eyeliner guide.

If drawing freehand doesn’t work for you, grab some tape and place it in the corner of your eye outlining the shape of the cat eye. When you’ve done it enough times, it’d eventually become muscle memory although it might just take you awhile to get there. To set you on your path to unlocking expert level in eyeliner, we hear it straight from the horse’s mouth – the maestro behind Grande’s much envied signature cat eye looks. How does he get it looking so perfect every. single. time?  Take notes, ladies!

You have been minted as the reigning King of eyeliner. How do you feel about being held in such high regard?

Daniel Chinchilla: It’s always amazing to be recognised! Connecting with people through makeup and sharing my knowledge with others gives me such a sense of fulfilment. It makes me happy to know other people are learning useful tips from my work.

You are the man behind Ariana Grande’s signature winged eyeliner look. Would you say the winged eyeliner look for everybody?

The winged-eyeliner is a versatile look that suits everyone. I have created a series of videos with KVD Vegan Beauty, showcasing exactly how this style can suit different eye-shapes and ethnicities. With precision and practice, anyone can achieve the perfect cat-eye – this is the ultimate showcase of Cat Eyes For All!

How would you say one can go about finding an eyeliner look that best fits their facial features?

The cat-eye is the classic style that looks good on everyone! It is a matter of adjusting the technique to suit your features as seen in the videos on KVD Vegan Beauty’s Youtube channel.

What do you think is a common mistake that most people make when it comes to drawing their eyeliner? What should they be doing instead?

People always make the mistake of drawing a straight line towards their ears instead of upwards towards their brows. This ends up making eyes look droopy! A foolproof method is to place a piece of tape at the corner of your eye and use that as a guide for sharp and precise lines.

How do you transition an eyeliner look from day to night?

By simply adding more drama with black mascara! By adding volume to your lashes, this really helps make the eyes ‘pop’ at night. KVD Vegan Beauty’s Go Big Or Go Home mascara in Trooper Black gives lashes that extra oomph for a night time glam look.

What would you say are the current eyeliner trends?

For 2020, cat-eyes and graphic-style eyeliners are coming back more popular than ever. If you can nail your eyeliner technique this year, that’s really all you need.

Moving on from eyeliner, how do you ensure that a full face of makeup stays throughout the day? Do you have any products that you would consider your holy grail?

Setting powder and spray is the secret to long-wearing makeup. I like KVD Vegan Beauty’s Lock- it Setting Powder and Lock-It Setting Spray. I always stipple setting powder with a flat powder brush for precision. You should always put powder right where you want it instead of smudging it all over the face for the best effect. Finishing it with a setting spray helps everything else stay in place for the rest of the day.

Before you apply makeup on the face, how do you prep the skin for it?

Always prep your skin before applying foundation! It may be an extra step, but it makes a world of difference. I would recommend using an oil-controlling primer on the T-zone and a silicone- based primer on the other areas. The majority of people have combination skin, and if you put a mattifying primer on the drier areas, it will make foundation look cakey as a result.

Can you let us in on a few makeup tips and tricks that you have developed throughout the years?

Eye makeup is all about art and creating an illusion. You can change your eye shape by switching- up your application methods. Go lighter on the inner corners of your eyes and graduate to a darker shade as you blend outwards. Apply your eyeshadow before your foundation to prevent unwanted fall out beneath the eyes.

If you’re new to the cat-eyeliner, I suggest going for brown instead of black eyeliner. It is softer, warms up the eye and is more forgiving than black. For example, KVD Vegan Beauty’s Tattoo Liner in Mad Max Brown is perfect for giving you the precision to line fearlessly every time.

If there was one thing that everyone should avoid when doing their makeup, what would you say that is?

In hot summery weather like in Singapore, you should avoid heavy foundation. I love lightweight foundations like the KVD Vegan Beauty True Portrait Foundation. It gives a buildable coverage but feels super lightweight on the skin.

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