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These Beaded Accessories Will Convince You That Summer Is a State of Mind

Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet!

Lull your mind back to last summer. Do you remember when puka shells – a long-overlooked souvenir shop memorabilia – shot to fame in the fashion circuit. Everyone, and we mean EVERYONE, had a necklace, choker bracelet, anklet or earring of the kind. They were all over the ‘gram and the pièce de resistance of summer wardrobes.

Meet this summer’s puka accessories equivalent: beaded necklaces and bracelets. If you let the nuances slide, irregular shaped beads could easily pass off as pearls. And anything of allusion to the sea is, naturally, summer appropriate. What else also makes these necklaces perfect for summer is just how much fun they are. Smiley faces, daisies and vibrant-hued beads (and occasionally, pearls) strung together – they encapsulate the joie de vivre of carefree days under the sun.

These beaded accessories are also a touch nostalgic of the DIY friendship bracelets (sidenote: many of these accessories do actually retail on Etsy stores and Instagram pages of that nature) we all know from our childhood. There’s always that kid inside and if there was any time to let that inner child out to play, summer is it.

You could stack a few of these together or mix them up with your regular set of jewellery, there are absolutely no rules with mixing and matching. Whatever feels good, goes. Wear them way past summer if you will, because as the headline reads, summer is but a state of mind.

Wald Smilie Dude Two Pearl Necklace

Par Moi Daisy Necklace in Fire Orange

Éliou Gold-Tone Pearl and Bead Necklace

Goldies Bead Shop Yellow Smiley Bracelet 

Vanessa Mooney Aurora Necklace

Made By Frankie Beaded Necklace

Mr. Lorem Ipsum Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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